Goodbye Streak

Today I plan to do no practice and deliberately lose my 236 day streak.

I don't like the pressure it puts me under. I'd rather lose it by choice than worry about getting home in time, or whether the internet will be working in the evening. And the last time I was on holiday I had to get someone to babysit my streak and do lesson one in French for a week.

So goodbye streak.

November 17, 2014


I like having a streak but not enough to bother with trying to keep it up when I'm sick or on holidays apart from keeping a streak freeze in place but even that doesn't help when you have an internet outage of more than one day which has happened to me several times. I use the streak as encouragement but if I lose it, like you, I don't worry any more.

Yep, I quit grieving after I lost my 270-day streak. Just not a big deal any more if I miss a day.

Don't worry girl, relax, and think well if that's what you want. :-]

I understand the pressure. Somehow, even though I had done my lesson, my streak ended. I was really crushed. Then, I discovered that the streak was still correct and intact online, just the ipad/iphone was showing it ended. I am now at 301 days. I am going to get to 365, then stop for the same reason. It does put pressure on and some days, I am almost cheating by doing a really easy lesson, just to get the points.

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