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"Det er en personlig genstand."

Translation:It is a personal object.

November 17, 2014



The word is literally similar to "objekt", which comes from Latin ob- (against) + jaciō (I throw), i.e. that which is thrown or put in your way. Gegenstand (the German source) is gegen (against) + Stand (nominal of standen to stand), i.e. that which stands or is placed in you way.

By the way, I've found this to be so in other languages as well. In Hindi, "object" is वस्तु. Guess its formation! Similarly, Dutch voorwerp (voor, in front + werpen, throw), Greek αντικείμενο.


Thanks for that! Always helps me to remember words to know where they come from...


Is there an equivalent in English I'm not thinking of?


:) Well, i meant like a synonym for "object" made up of English words like "stand" and "in the way."


This makes it seem like the verb form, where the second syllable is stressed, rather than the noun form, where the first syllable is stressed. I was thinking this was more along the lines of a thing that is personal to the speaker.


I suppose it's quite unique to Indo-European languages


What's the difference between 'genstand' and 'objekt'? Ordnet.dk tells me genstand comes from the german 'gegenstand', resistance.


They are synonomous but "genstand" is a n-word and "objekt" is a t-word.

"Det er et personligt objekt" or "Det er en personlig genstand".


"Gegenstand" also means object in German.


The German word for "resistance" is "Widerstand", not "Gegenstand".


We might say ( in England) a personal item, or a personal thing.


Wait... Where's the adverb here? Isn't 'personlig' an adjective, as it describes the noun 'genstand'?

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