"Het konijn is wit en bruin."

Translation:The rabbit is white and brown.

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Aha! NOW I know why "bruin" is an English synonym for "bear"! Very, very cool!

3 years ago

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probably from the Dutch name for brown bears "bruine beren", I hate how you guys pronounce bruin as Bru-in :/

3 years ago


Dat haat ik ook. Bru-in is een manier om bier te maken. We're brewin' some beer.

3 years ago


When are you supposed to you 'wit' and 'witte'?

4 years ago

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When an adjective comes after the noun, it does not get the additional -e, that is the case with wit and bruin in this sentence.

When an adjective comes before the noun, it gets the additional -e in most cases. Only before singular het woorden preceded by the indefinite article een (or one of a few other words, like geen or elk) it does not get the -e.

  • het witte konijn (het woord)
  • een wit konijn
  • de witte konijnen
  • witte konijnen
  • de witte koe (de woord)
  • een witte koe
  • de witte koeien
  • witte koeien

See a more extensive explanation here.

3 years ago
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