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"Nós temos ido ao cinema todas as quartas."

Translation:We have been going to the movies every Wednesday.

July 2, 2013



why can't i say "cinema" instead of 'movies'. i don't speak american english and have no interest in doing so. percebe1950


It should be accepted. Report if it's not. In Australia we use these terms interchangeably, and we generally follow British English rules. However I think you will find that American English is used on Duolingo (the flag for the English course is the American, not British).


yes, i know, but they should be more open-minded towards british english. i'm learning portuguese (brazilian) and plenty of times when i lose hearts it's because my english (british) is not acceptable for them. i'll have to continue suffering.


I think they're pretty good though. I've never been penalised for British spelling. The Portuguese course is still young though so we are the guinea pigs. You just have to report when you think the answer should be accepted so that users in the future are not penalised.

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