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Do you ever feel stuck on a lesson? What to try?

I have learned a LOT with duolingo, but I feel like I got to a certain part in the tree where it got exponentially harder than before and I am repeating the lessons over and over without really understanding. Should I just keep repeating, over and over and over until I just rote memory the answers to the same questions? Becasue some now seem more like idioms than translations. Thanks!

July 2, 2013



I know the feeling exactly.

I reached a point where I was just getting through the lessons without really understanding what I was doing, and when I was practising all my skills, I was maybe getting 1 or 2 (if I was lucky) on a timed practice, and not succeeding at all on an untimed one.

So what to do? I've gone back and started working through the lessons again, right from basics. I set myself to work through each skill again, with a minimum of two days per skill to at least refresh myself if I was understanding the skill, but also prepared to take longer if it was skill that I had rushed through previously but not really understood.

And you know, It's making a whole lot more sense now.

What you find when you go back is that "basics" and the other skills are not the same as when you first ran through them. They are much more in depth with words in them that you had learnt the first time you tried. So the lessons are still interesting even if you are reviewing grammar that you have previously looked at.

At the moment, whilst I'm consolidating my grammar skills, I'm getting that nice feeling of progression by working on a memrise course for my vocabulary, and an audio course on my journey to work and back for my pronunciation and listening skills.

When I started this course I thought I could work through it quite quickly, and I think that I went a bit too fast and managed to get ahead of myself, and I think that the downside of the Duo-Lingo gamification process is that it does sort of encourage this, by dragging you along wanting to get levels and earn points. I think that you have keep a firm grip on yourself and make sure that you actually have a fair idea of what you doing before moving further. After all, what's the hurry? Especially as learning languages seems to favour the tortoise over the hare.


Ah yes, thanks or the response. Yeah, I started doing what you said, I am trying to get all my old skills back to "gold" and I did notice that they seemed more difficult this time. But at least teh word order is starting to make sense to me now. I also am using Memrise. I completed the "Learn basic German" and "getting around in german". I also started on "5,000(87% of conversation) words sorted by frequency" list but that is going to take some serious time. I also started listening to free germanpod101 courses during my drives to work. And occasionally will listen to TuneIn radio to listen to German sports radio. Although the actual stations I am lucky to catch 1 in 10 words, but at least I am beginning to have words "pop out" as I am listening instead of being one big blur. I also listend to afew podcasts from SlowGerman.com. Ok thanks for the suggestions, and good luck to you in your learning!


When I get to a hard portion, I watch youtube videos explaining that part. They're short and explain the concepts I need.


@pctrollbreath I have been having the same problem and your answer was a gift. It sounds like just the remedy for learners "block" and this time around I'll maek more of an effort to learn the genders-that seems to be my bête noire brought on by over enthusiasm to move on and pure laziness. Thanks for the top notch advice.

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