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  5. "Hun ringede til doktoren."

"Hun ringede til doktoren."

Translation:She was calling the doctor.

November 17, 2014



'Lægen' is more commonly used in Danish


I thought lægen and doktoren weren't exactly the same thing.


"Doktor" in Denmark is an university degree. You can be a doctor of old latin, doctor of law and doctor of medicine etc. If I'm really ill, I'll prefer the latter, and I will call for a "læge"! (En læge, lægen, flere læger, alle lægerne).
"En læge " usually is not a doctor, but a medical candidate from university. (To be a doctor you have to write (and defend) a long, scientific article based on your own genuine studies.)


En læge = a doctor; læger = doctors? Are there other synonyms, such as the equivalent to M.D. or physician? Ethymology of læge?


Hvorfor, i Thor's navn, kan Du, ķære DL, ikke lever med "She called for the doctor"???


Why not "She rang to the doctor."


Aidan, that's exactly what a Dane would say/do!


a more sensible translation would be she phoned (rang) the doctor and the more common word for the doctor in Danish is lægen.

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