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Välkommen! | Welcome!


We are extremely proud to present to you the fourth incubated language course from English; Swedish! It has been a long journey with a lot of ups and downs, but finally the day has arrived to launch the Beta version of the course. As it is a Beta version, the course might still be a bit rough around the edges, but please be patient and continue reporting any problems that you encounter so that we can polish and improve the course.

The Swedish forum, which will be monitored by Anrui, Arnauti, Anders91 & Blehg, can be found among the other forums and you can post in this new forum by going to Swedish Discussions and clicking the green button New discussion. Make sure you follow Duolingo’s guidelines at all times! Posts that are not in line with the guidelines will be removed.

We have provided tips & notes for several skills. However, since the course has just been launched, tips & notes for some skills are still missing. Please, bear with us as we will add these over the coming weeks. If you run into problems and the tips & notes don’t provide the answers you need, there are always helpful members just a few clicks away in the forums and threads.

We, the Swedish team, are very well aware of the problems with the TTS (Text-To-Speech) system which has been implemented so far. We are trying desperately to find a better solution, but unfortunately, it seems to be quite difficult to integrate other TTS systems. Until we have figured out how to employ another TTS, we encourage you to report all sentences that seem to be badly pronounced. We have been forced to disable the voice function in many cases since we do not want to teach incorrect pronunciation. However, a few common words have been kept even though their pronunciation is not entirely correct.

The first one is “De” which means “They”. Even though the words is spelled “de”, it is pronounced “dom” in all cases. The objective pronoun “dem” (them) is also pronounced “dom”, but at least the TTS gets this right!

Another example is “är” which means “is”. The TTS pronounces this in the way people in the region around Stockholm would, i.e. “é”. There is a lot of variation in the country when it comes to the pronunciation of this word, but the pronunciation that is closest to a standard is “är” (as it is spelled), therefore we would suggest that you stick to that even though the TTS says otherwise.

Lycka till!
/Anders91, Anrui, Arnauti & Blehg

November 17, 2014



Just adding my thanks to the crowd, tack så mycket! Really appreciate all your hard work and dedication to get this course finished. :)

But straight away, questions: Do you know if/when the "words" feature/tab will be available for Swedish? I haven't used this site for a while since I learnt a little French and I sorely miss the vocabulary list. :)


I agree with you, the words list can be very useful and I hop It become available in near future.


The duolingo community appreciates your hard work! Tack så mycket!


In the Animals skill, I encountered several instances where I was presented with two correct answers in the Image Selection exercises. They looked like this:

Is there any way you can fix that?


I have reported this


Morsgrisar är vi allihopa!


Tack så mycket! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, team Swedish! You guys rock! :)


Thank you so much, Swedish guys! The tree looks perfect; not too many lessons within each skill. I shall have all the fun in the world completing it in time! :)


So glad Swedish has been released, perhaps you should develop Norwegian to complete the Scandinavian languages? That would be good thanks. Is there anywhere where you can help contribute to a language that is not on the languages bar in progression? If there is please reply. Thank you.


In the courses page, scroll down. You'll see the "Contribute to a course" button. It'll take you to Duolingo incubator, where you can apply as a contributor to any language (you'll have to add it if it's not among the options) :)

My other native language isn't among the options, and I'd love to contribute, but my grammar (in that language) isn't very good D:


Thank you very much :)


Tack, Team Svenska!


Congratulations and many many thanks! Swedish feels at first like a more melodic English...at least my version of Mid-West American English...now mixed with open Spanish vowels, thanks to the Duolingo, Android and Chrome platforms!

It will also be a great day when the world can learn Swedish from Esperanto! ;)

[deactivated user]

    yes it really does!


    Tack så mycket. It must've been a lot of work and I am really, really happy to be able to learn Swedish here. As a learner, I'll try and contribute to discussions and report things as much as I can. I have to stop myself from staying up all night to keep working through the course!


    Do you think that this TTS (http://www.ivona.com/en/) pronounces everything better? I've tried it and it pronounces de and dem properly.


    Yes, I like Elin (which really is the voice of Johanna Hermann Lundberg, also known as the voice of the speaking clock, or Fröken Ur, in Sweden).


    I am so excited to be here! Thank you so much for all your hard work.


    I've been waiting for this, Tack så mycket! And I have to say that at least the beginning, the few first lessons are much more welcoming and friendly than it was in the Danish course.


    Just another brilliant example of the superb excellence produced by DuoLingo. Easily one of the most organized, exciting, useful and aesthetically-pleasing apps on the market to date! Keep it up! I speak French and I learn German, Dutch, Swedish and Italian. I look forward to Norwegian, Finnish and Greek one day as well. Thank you for being such an amazing resource! Truly enjoying the Beta in Swedish! :D


    This is our second year as a cyber school family and to supplement my children's regular courses, I suggested to my kids (ages 9 & 11) that we start learning a new language this year. My son randomly picked Swedish and we're all hooked on trying to out-learn each other. It's such an interesting language with it's similarities to English and both of my children's english reading & typing skills have increased as they learn Swedish.

    Tack sa mycket!


    That is awesome. Good homeschooling mom! I'm giving you a lingot for that.


    Thank you!

    I tried to find my comment here earlier to reply but ended up posting it on the activity feed - I'm still learning the site, along with Swedish ;)


    Tack ska ni ha! I'm a bit dizzy due to sleep deprivation (that's how much I wanted to try the course right away) and not that eloquent thereat, but it means the world to me. Half of my life I've been taking every opportunity att lära svenska and having it here is a dream come true, literally. Tusen tack!


    Will this be available in the Android version as well, or do we need to wait until it's out of beta?


    Swedish codes on PC (Must have Num lock on): alt 0228- ä alt 0248- ö alt 0229- å alt 0196- Ä alt 0214- Ö alt 0197- Å MUST HOLD ALT WHILE TYPING LETTERS!!!!!!!!!! VARSÅGOD!!!!!


    And on a Mac, it's alt + u for a ¨ then the letter you want, and just alt + a for å.


    little late, but for macs you can also edit the keyboard to being an international US keyboard that allows you to make most letters for many languages with a standard alphabet (for example I use "+u to make ü or "+a to make ä and hold option+a to make å)


    I've build a custom keyboard which maps some less common characters on a en-us keyboard to ÅÄÖ where they would be on a sv-se keyboard. See the link for details: https://github.com/acrookston/us-sv-keyboard


    Tack så mycket för ditt arbete. I have an idea that could really help. For words like årstid, and others where it's just a compound word of more digestable chunks to show in the dictionary hints as års + tid or something like that. It might help. Thanks.

    [deactivated user]

      thank you so much for the tips and notes. It makes it a lot easier to learn the language. I wish all courses on duolingo had them.


      I'm going to be working in Sweden in August, need to learn the language. Looks like I came here at just the right time to learn! Thanks for your hard work, the course is fantastic so far


      Just discovered Duolingo Swedish - and I am very impressed. A heartfelt "Thank you" to all the team for their hard work on this.


      I just realized how much I actually suck at Swedish grammar and I'm a native speaker :)


      Ha ha! Probably true for every language!


      Many thanks for all of the team's hard work to finally reach this moment!


      Givin' you a lingot, thanks so much, this is awesome.


      Tack så mycket!


      Det här är spännande! Tack så mycket.


      I love you, Anders91, Anrui, Arnauti & Blehg. Thank you for the hard work you've put into this out of the generosity of your hearts!


      I know youre probably flooded but please add the swedish keyboard


      Tack sa mycket! love it so far


      I understood that and now I feel smart XD


      Bra gjort! Jag hoppas att du lära dig mer svenska ord :D


      ...and now I feel stupid. :P



      "Good job! I hope that you are learning more Swedish words!"

      .. I think @MissZahrah :)


      fler svenska ord, låter mer svenskt i mina öron. Jag antar att man får vara lite kinkig här.


      Now I feel smart, because I understood this after getting as far as definite articles. :)


      Haha don't feel that way :')

      @termhn Good job :') Maybe I shall follow you both to motivate myself to stick to duolingo


      thanks love the course so far


      Thanks for working so hard!


      your learn so many languages, is it hard?


      On most computers, you can add the keyboard, so you can switch between different keyboards. (Look on the settings page) Sorry if your computer doesn't have it.


      On a Mac you can just hold the letter down to get "ä" from "a"


      (For Mac users) Another method for this is holding "option+u" then press "a" which will give you an "ä" as well as for "ö" but with "o". For "å", you can hold "option+a" which directly enters an å without having to modify it.


      same with Windows 8 touchscreens.. holding the screen keyboard A--> all the A accent options.

      Blake: on mac I thought holding a key repeats the characters? On my Macbook, I used Option+U (to produce dots) then + "a" to get "ä".


      Nope, it now behaves the same as holding a key would on an iPhone or iPad keyboard (and I guess a windows 8 touchscreen keyboard as well).


      You probably use an older OS. From 10.8 it works like blakerogerz said.

      • 128

      It can be disabled, so it's not guaranteed to work. I have it disabled because it causes issues in some online games that require holding a key; and I know how to use option to get all the characters.


      Sorry for double-posting but I've build a custom keyboard which maps some less common characters on a en-us keyboard to ÅÄÖ where they would be on a sv-se keyboard. See the link for details: https://github.com/acrookston/us-sv-keyboard


      Check out all the keymaps. I much prefer the "extended US" style where there are no dead keys. It's all keyed off a meta key so ä would be alt+shift+" then a. The nice thing is I can still type '"` and lots of other useful characters without spending a half hour mapping out the keyboard.


      Is there a place to be instructed on how to use that? It's confusing me a little.


      I'm a fan of the Colemak keyboard layout. It has built-in support for a ton of different languages: http://colemak.com/Multilingual


      There is also the alt+numpad method. Hold left alt, type a number code, and release. Here are the alt codes for the Swedish letters:

      Ä - ALT+ 0196 Å - ALT + 0197 Ö - ALT + 0214 ä - ALT + 0228 å - ALT + 0229 ö - ALT + 0246

      Sometimes I cheat, I have a notepad with the umlauts and a-ring, and just copy and paste when needed.


      I am on computer for my account duolingo and if you look on the last corner you will see ENG which means english and click on it and it says Language Preferences and a settings button click and add languages by typing them (this might not have for computers)


      On linux ubuntu to make it work (setting -> preferences -> keyboard -> layout -> options) I set a composer key as right ctrl and now I can type ctrl + " + a for ä and ctrl + o + a for å and ctrl + " + o for ö :)


      This might be old news for some Duolingo-users, but AutoHotkey is an excellent program if you want to set up shortcuts to type special characters which I think is better than the on-screen keyboard since it makes it much faster to type.

      I have added some Swedish bindings and some instructions how to set it up in another thread if you would be interested. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5391535


      Hey it is really easy to add it to your own computer keyboard! If you have a mac, go to the top right side of your desktop or browser, and hover over the same bar that has the battery percentage and date. There should be a little flag beside it which you can click, scroll down > open language and text preferences! If the flag is not there already, go system preferences > language and text > input sources > check off whatever language you want to add and the flag should appear in the aforementioned bar.

      ** Make sure you change your keyboard BACK to English if you have a passlock though! ****


      You can also add a swedish keyboard from your own computer. If you have a Mac, then you can go to the language preferences and add the keyboard from there. Then all you have to do when you want to use it is go to the upper right hand corner and click the flag (that represents the language your computer is in) and then choose the Swedish flag and there you go!


      I just have my f6,7,8,9,10 keys set to ä å ö æ ø


      I put the Swedish keyboard on the computer. However, this means there is no apostrophe, so now when I need to use the apostrophe, my answer is always marked as wrong. Any suggestions_?


      Alt-Shift should rotate between keyboards. If that doesn't work, look in your language settings; some combination of keystrokes will. On my Chromebook, Ctrl-Space switches back to the previous keyboard as well, so it's easy to toggle between English and Swedish. I'm not sure my desktop does that, but I don't use it enough for Swedish (or Russian) to have looked into it any further. Good luck!


      Thanks for the info. It works great, and not so awkward. Appreciate the help.


      THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I've been waiting my whole life to get better at Swedish and finally learn proper grammar! I can't begin to describe how excited I am that it's on Duolingo!!!!!!!!!!


      Just in time for my Swedish test! Tusen tackar för er allihopa!


      How would you pronounce the word "kyckling". The TTS pronounced the "k" as "sh". Is this normal, or a problem with the TTS (FYI I know the "y" sounds like a "u" in Swedish)


      In native Swedish words, the letter <k> is pronounced /ɕ/ before the vowels <i y e ä ö>. This sound is reminiscent of an English <sh>, but it's pronounced further to the front of the mouth, at the same place as you would pronounce an <s>. It's the same sound as the Japanese <sh>, Chinese <x>, Russian <щ>, Polish <ś>, in case any of those help.


      Tack så mycket!


      Except for 'Kö' which has a hard K. And then 'Köpa' has a soft k, as described above. What are we doing? We're crazy. Poor foreigners.


      That's because "kö" is a loanword, from French "queue". The rule doesn't apply to loanwords and newer words like "kille". Doesn't always help, of course! :)


      Do you know ALL languages :)?


      Well, he/she obviously did some research!


      That helps a lot, the fact that you mentioned the Russian щ because I am learning the alphabet and language and it really helped me figure out the sound! Tack så mycket


      Same here! I've never realised that it is in fact the same sound :o


      Agreed. I studied Polish and never would have connected the "k" to "ś" but then, who ever thinks a k should sound like anything but a k? Oh languages.... O.o


      Thanks a lot, Chinese 'x' is only on the pinyin (based on the latin alphabet with additions of 4 accents) P.S. I'm a native speaker so I know this stuff


      当然。He just mentioned that the sound written as 'x' in pinyin is the same as the swedish 'tj' and 'k'.

      (Though after two months in China I've concluded that the pronunciation actually differs slightly between the two...)


      K has a sh-sound in front of the wovels e, i, y, ä and ö. The sh-sound has many spellings: g-, skj- sk-, stj- just to mention some of them.


      Tack så mycket! Det är schysst att kursen äntligen finns men jag har märkt att jag troligen känner till många fler ord i svenska än i engelska. Men bra, iaf! :)


      Visst är det så! Gör som jag, betrakta det som en kurs i engelska :).


      Ok, starting with the first is-this-on-purpose? comment when I have raced through first two basics and phrases skills (yeah, I could have taken the placement test and probably ended somewhere halfway the tree but where's the fun in that).

      Phrases section seemed to have several multiple choice questions that introduce alternative phrases that hadn't never been introduced before (e.g. in text I had got only "ursäkta" for "sorry" but then multiple choice questions spring to me also "förlåt" and "jag är ledsen").

      Of course the learners learn by making mistakes but maybe toning down the amount of multiple choice questions on that section might still be a good idea (or expect to hear lots of complaints about its unfairness).


      This is a bug, but it should be fixed now.


      I'm still encountering them. I can't think of any examples, but I just did Adverbs 1, so thereabouts.


      Tack sa mycket Anrui !


      This is amazing! Thanks so much Swedish team and Duolingo!




      Thank you! Looking forward to this.


      Det här ska bli roligt! Jag har redan fått feedback på två rapporter, så det märks att ni är på hugget :). Men stanna nu inte uppe hela natten. Imorgon är åter en dag.


      Tried it with my daughter. You have done a wonderful job swedish guys! May I ask when/if the mobile version is supported as well?


      I guess it'll take about a month. But that is only a guess based on how long it took the other new courses.


      I'd like to apologize for all the people who pestered you contributers about the release. Too much eagerness, too little patience. Tack så mycket for building this wonderful product for free.


      Tack så mycket! Jag älskar svenska.


      Tack så mycket! I was soooooo waiting for it and now I am very happy to be able to learn this language here!! Awesome <3


      I know my comment is going to get buried, but I have to add it! Thank you SO much for all your hard work. I can't even imagine how much time and energy you all had to put into this project. I've been living in Copenhagen for a couple months, and I've made a couple trips over to Malmö, but I've been limited in my Swedish. Most of the time I speak with such a heavy Danish accent, I get giggles. I'm heading to Stockholm and next week, and I'm ready to try out my Swedish skills!


      Thank you so much for your hard work and bringing Swedish to Duolingo. I've been wanting to learn it for a long time now and finally the chance that can fit around my schedule has arrived!


      A really great website for pronunciation for any language is www.forvo.com. I would definitely check it out! It has over 50,000 Swedish pronunciations that are pronounced by REAL PEOPLE!!!


      How do you pronounce Och, my swedish friends told me like ock in lock but in the TTS system here or whatever the voice pronunciation system is called makes it sound more like on. For example the basic sentence Hon och han sounds to me like Hon on han. Thanks in advance :)


      The "proper" pronunciation of "och" is "ock", i.e. with a distinct k-sound in the end. However, in real life almost all Swedes pronounce it "o". It is a lot easier to make the sentences flow when you don't have to pronounce the k-sound.

      Sometimes you even see this spelling (Hon o han, Hon å han) but this is of course not correct.


      I enjoy the course very much! You guys should be proud for putting in the work to create such a wonderful way of learning the language! There's a few kinks, but it's in beta, so of course it's not entirely perfect.

      Tack sa mycket, jag alskar det! (Hope that's correct, minus the missing accents and all.)


      Thank you so much for Swedish! Duolingo is the best, and of course the people who contribute!!


      I have tried some of the new beta Swedish course (even though I am fluent in both Swedish and English) and I was really impressed. My fiancé is trying to learn Swedish and this course is perfect for him. Hopefully it will come out of the beta stage quickly so that we can all enjoy it on our mobiles soon. Having the app makes it so much easier to get some practice in every day. Thanks!


      I am happy you like it! Our metrics are quite good, so we should be on the app before Christmas at least (Can't promise it though)


      Thank you all for the hard work. The Swedish tree was a real pleasure, very ripe (I think I only came across a single incorrect correct answer) and so forgiving of typos and false autocorrects from the ipad :-p


      First of all, thank you for all your hard work. I really appreciate the course, and my Swedish is coming along wonderfully.

      I just wanted to suggest a translation improvement that may apply quite generally. The addition is the verb 'to ring' as an acceptable translation of 'att ringa'. We use it often in England, especially in the north. I flagged the translation specifically for "Han ringer polisen", as I wrote "He is ringing the police", but this could apply to any question involving calling (on the phone). You might also consider adding the more colloquial "to give x a ring" meaning "to call x", but I don't really care about that one.


      We are adding this translation every time we receive reports that it is missing. Please report to make our work easier.


      Awesome, I will make sure to flag any other cases.

      Also, do you have any idea when Swedish might be available on the app version of Duolingo at all? Thanks again!


      Our metrics look good so far, so hopefully before Christmas


      Like so many comments here, I fear my own will get buried. But just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to team Svenska for giving me something more productive to do than perusing gossip websites on my commute to and from work: Tack så mycket!

      Another thing: it's a testament to the quality of the beta version and its creators when someone like me (whose only other language is English) is able to test out by the 6th skill - but I'm still going to go back and do the whole thing properly, promise :)

      Thank you very much (again!)


      Thanks for this. Now I have a way to practice my Swedish instead of looking in my books :)


      My wife is Swedish and I took a couple courses in college to learn Swedish. I have gotten rusty since then, and have been keeping up my Spanish on Duolingo wishing there was something as good as Duolingo for Swedish, but I wasn't able to find anything. Then I got the new years email that you guys had added Swedish and I could't be more thrilled. Thank you so much for all your hard work, these courses are amazing and second to none.


      I've been waiting so long for Swedish to become one of the languages to learn on Duolingo! Tack sa mycket!!!


      This is great, thank you all. The course is very well done.


      I am really liking your program, you should allow also the use of the microphones even in the early stages. You should also reinforce the difference among Ni and Du since in english it has the same spelling and is difficult to understand its differences. I am really enjoying it


      Thank you so much for this site/course... didnt wanna make a new thread just for that, but wanted to say it.. i cant beleive it, it's actually working! some of it is sticking in my poor excuse for a memory, much to my surprise. I'm only on day 3 and i already feel bilingual.. i reckon i could hold a conversation in swedish already, so long as we only talk about drinking water :p


      Tack så mycket! Jag tycker om svenska :D


      I started learning Swedish 3 months ago and since this course was released, my Swedish has improved immeasurably. Thanks for all your hard work!


      I have been playing hooky from Duolingo and came back this week on a whim only to find my long-held language wish has been made true. SWEDISH! YAY! Tack!

      (Now about Icelandic ...)


      Jag har för en par dagar sedan den här kursen fullbordat och är mycket glad att ni har gett mig denna möjlighet. Tack så mycket för allt! Jag ska fortsätta lära mig svenska tror jag. Jag hoppas att jag har skrvit det här rätt. :D :D


      Kul att höra :)

      Det märks att du har lärt dig mycket. Bra jobbat!

      Några småsaker bara:

      I den första meningen skriver du med tysk/nederländsk ordföljd, det vill säga att du har satt verbet i slutet. Det funkar inte riktigt på svenska. Dessutom har du valt perfekt istället för imperfekt för verbet. På svenska använder vi hellre imperfekt när vi har en tidsangivelse ("för ett par dagar sedan"). Som du ser här också så är par ett t-ord.

      Så jag skulle föreslå att skriva om den första meningen till:
      Jag fullbordade den här kursen för ett par dagar sedan och är mycket glad.....

      If there's anything you didn't get, just ask!

      Lycka till i fortsättningen!


      Ja, wat stom van mij! Ik heb altijd de neiging om de Nederlandse volgorde aan te houden. Soms neemt het Zweeds de Nederlandse volgorde aan (zoals bij het stellen van vragen), maar toch lijkt het wat vaker op het Engels.

      Tack för ditt svar! Jag tror att jag har förstått allt :D


      Het is niet makkelijk, maar ik vind jouw Zweeds heel goed. Ik moet ook zeggen dat ik geloof dat het Zweeds lijkt vaker op het NL als het Engels, maar de woordvolgorde is soms een beetje moeilijk.

      Sorry, mijn NL is niet zo goed :)


      Nee, jouw Nederlands is goed. Ik denk dat het is beter dan mijn Nederlands. Ik heb geen correcties in woordvolgorde om te maken, en ik begrijp alles perfect.


      Tack så mycket! im a spanish guy that i just discovered this app and im really impressed!


      Interesting course. Thank you for creating and/or maintainig it.


      Duolingo makes learning Swedish really fun and easy. Thanks so much for putting this together, it's amazing how much I've learnt in only a couple days. Here's to completing the entire course!


      I'm sure you guys didn't take this into account, but it should obviously be "Välkomna", when adressing multiple persons.


      How can you be so sure of that? I think it's kind of nice with "Välkommen", since then I get the feeling that the course creators are talking directly to me. And it makes me feel selected and special ;).


      Yes, maybe that was the purpose of it who knows. I was just pointing out that "Välkomna" is the plural form of "Välkommen".


      Hello Swedish Duolingo Team! I am a happy user of the Duolingo Swedish version, and my Swedish husband is very proud to see my progress. I can now ask him questions in Swedish and respond in Swedish. We are a multi-cultural household now, and sharing languages helps us get closer as a family. I owe you guys quite a bit. I guess I should do a review :)


      Hello Swedish Duolingo Team! I am a happy user of the Duolingo Swedish version, and my Swedish husband is very proud to see my progress. I can now ask him questions in Swedish and respond in Swedish. We are a multi-cultural household now, and sharing languages helps us get closer as a family. I owe you guys quite a bit. I guess I should do a review :)


      Hey guys! Speaking exercise doesn't work with Android app or do I have to change some settings in the app? By the way, Thanks all of the contributors for this great work. Tack så mycket!


      Is there a topic in duolingo where we can practice with Swedish speakers?


      Sorry, Duolingo does not really provide that, but you will find a lot of Swedes in the forum who can answer your questions.


      Cool. Whoever reads this should learn Swedish (or svenska, as it is called in Swedish )


      Who here speaks French


      Hej! My Svinska is not yet very good.... :/ but hej! That doesn't mean I can't talk to folks and get a little better, nej? =) So, halla!


      I really like the voice of the TTS. When I imagine a robot voice read out the sentences I wouldn't use duolingo


      Thank you so much Team Swedish!!


      Thank you! I'm surprised I was as anxious as I was to get started.


      this is so exciting!!! thank you and the team so much!!!!!


      Great stuff, thanks guys !!!


      Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!


      Thank you for all your hard work!


      Guyz, you're amazing! Tack så mycket!


      Thank you for working so hard! Keep up the good work! ^^


      Million thanks Team Swedish!!! It was worth a waiting till 2 am - the time when it's launched in my time zone :DDDD


      I have been checking duolingo every half an hour today and now it's finally here, I'm so excited!


      A whole new world is presenting itself on the other side of the strait! - tusind tak for jeres gode og hårde arbejde :)


      Tack så mycket! :)


      Thank you a lot, Team Swedish! :D Off to learn a new language!

      [deactivated user]

        Maybe I just have awful hearing but the automated voice is really hard for me to listen to and understand what it's pronouncing. :( Such a bummer because I was so excited to learn Swedish.


        The automated voice is quite poor. Don't let it get you down!

        [deactivated user]

          I'm trying! Just struggling a lot! I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking this and of course I am super appreciative of all your hard work! I'm just not at all familiar with Swedish or any similar language so it's a bit hard for me to grasp when I don't know what I should be sounding like 100%. I'll keep trekking on to the best of my abilities. :)


          You can always use forvo or memrise courses. They have some accurate voices.


          The intonation of the voice is not good. The Swedish intonation is, well, special, so I can understand that it is not an easy task for a poor computer.

          It could also be that the intonation is quite bad for all languages, but that I only notice it for Swedish :).

          [deactivated user]

            yes it seems to have a different cadence than other languages, it's very lovely from what little I've heard (Moomins, skarsgards, Vikings etc). I have not encountered it to the point where I genuinely can't figure it out in the French course so far, I can't speak to any other courses though.


            So you like the Skarsgård guys? Which one is your favourite? Alex, I suppose ;). I am old enough to prefer the original one, Daddy Skarsgård.

            [deactivated user]

              Hah yes Alex is quite nice and the most accessible for an American aside from Stellan (who is wonderful). I enjoy Gustaf too, although he has less readily available content for an American to see!


              Oh, you know Gustaf as well! There are two younger ones, Bill and Valter, but I don't think they are famous outside Sweden.

              [deactivated user]

                Yes I have sen Gustaf in several movies (Kon Tiki, The Way Back) and he's on the show Vikings which airs on the History channel in the US. I know Bill is a show on Netflix called Hemlock Grove but I haven't seen any of it. They are a very attractive family! They were kind of my gateway into wanting to learn more about Sweden!


                I see, I didn't know that Vikings was aired over there. I haven't seen it myself but lots of other series/movies with Gustaf. He is great!


                Thank you so much! I passed my first Swedish lesson and it shows in my profile, but alas there seems to be no space to show my new Swedish flag. I suppose I have to pass the level of a different language to show it? Or does it only show after you get to the second level?


                I'm sure everyone preciates your work. Thank you so much for that; Unfortunately it's really late in Brazil, then I can't stay much longer in here, but tomorrow I'll level up again... Thanks once more ;)


                Tusen tack, Team Svenska! I've been waiting for this every day for what feels like months and months. It was actually exciting keeping track of it all. Also, it seems you made note of all the rough edges already so hopefully everyone reads this.


                Thank you! This is great news!


                Thank you guys so much!!!


                When you say "De" is "pronounced 'dom' in all cases", do you mean that the TTS incorrectly pronounces it as 'dom', or the TTS pronounces it as something else, but it should in fact be pronounced 'dom' ?


                It should always be pronounced "dom", the TTS says "de" and that is wrong.


                I don't know how the Swedish TV newsreaders say it, but in finlandssvenska they will (very often/often/quite often) say 'di' (and 'dem' is 'dem').


                Yes, this is (as far as I know) the standard way of pronouncing "de" and "dem" in Finland, but you never hear this pronunciation in Sweden.


                Some people in the older generations still distinguish between "di" (de) and "dom" (dem).

                • 111

                I see a small typo in the "tips and notes" section of "Definites". It says "socker a sugar" but should be "ett socker a sugar". Tack så mycket!


                Thank you for reporting


                Thanks for your hard work!


                Thank you for your contribution to this course :) Tack så mycket ;)


                Thank you for all of the awesome works!


                Thank you hugely for doing this work. I'm now living in Sweden and this is just perfect to help learn.


                I am very excited to begin learning Swedish. I have been waiting for this beta for quite some time. I am looking forward to learning a lot. :D


                Woo hoo! Been waiting for Swedish for a while now! I'm fairly good with Danish, thus Swedish should be slightly simpler for me. Thanks for making the Swedish course, kudos! Good job, hoping to see this on mobile, too, soon! Any estimated time for the mobile release? :D Thanks again. :)


                Tack så mycket för denna kurs! (I hope i got it right!)


                Varsågod! Det verkar som att du redan har lärt dig en hel del! :)


                Tack, men jag förstår inte allt detta, ursäkta. Men jag vill lära och en dag, jag tänker tala svenska!


                Thank you for all the hard work!


                thank you thank you thank you!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work and I honestly can't wait to get started!!


                Thanks for all the hard work!!! The course is great.


                thank you for hard working and keep the good work up

                [deactivated user]

                  I don't know if it's because I slept on it or because I'm just getting the hang of it but I can understand the tts a bit better today. I reached level 3! I hope this course can continue to grow and I do appreciate all your hard work! I'm having such fun!


                  it is very good my friend.


                  Tack så mycket. I know you are working very hard. The new words from Level 5 forward do not have hyperlinks that show their definitions yet. I know you are probably aware of this but just wanted to make sure. Thanks again for all your hard work.


                  Could you please explain what you mean? As far as I can see there are hints for all words. The level doesn't really say anything about which words you know at that stage, just how many skills/lessons you've finished


                  just wanted to say pretty sure this is working for me. And also tusen tack to you and the team for all your efforts - course is fantastic! I am post-beginner but a bit rusty and have found it a great refresher and makes it so fun. I also love the concise grammar notes which are especially well-written. Kudos, people!


                  This is what happens when I get to Level 5: Say a brand new word in a lesson is "honom," and one is introduced to the word via a sentence, such as "hon älskar homom." "Honom" is underlined and defined if one rolls over it. That stops happening for me at Level 5 when vocabulary is introduced, so there is no way to define it other than to use a dictionary as a supplement.


                  What do you mean "level 5", the level does not correspond with the tree.


                  Try to log out and then log in again. Maybe that could solve the issue.


                  I've been looking forward to the release of this for a while!

                  Glad to be a part of the community, keep up the good work!


                  Thanks guys, really appreciate all your hard work :)


                  Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to taking this.


                  Tack så mycket! I'm so excited to finally work on this tree! :)

                  [deactivated user]

                    I think this may have been covered somewhere but I can't seem to find it, how many levels are there?


                    Tack så mycket! I am so excited to be learning this language and am absolutely loving the course so far. Thanks a million.


                    Thank you very much. :) I am a real beginner in that language. Then, I cannot notice what it's wrong.


                    And welcome to all of the new Swedish forum moderators! Don't be shy to reach out! :)


                    I was wondering if the app has been updated to include this language yet or is it only available online? I have been keeping a watchful eye on the app store and it doesn't seem to have updated yet?


                    I believe it will be a few weeks before it's added to the app. Irish and danish took a while after release to be added to the apple app, then at least another week or two to be added to the android app.


                    Tack sa mycket for this course!


                    don't know if it's not working but i can't get past the "phrases"! even though i have completed all without mistakes, i can't click on the "food" section but it says i've levelled up to level 3 :/



                    Something similar happened with me in English tree.. I think, just you logout and then sign in again. After you can continue, I hope.


                    Have you successfully completed all lessons in all skill units that are open? If any other units besides food are open, you need to finish those too. You'll know you've successfully completed all of the available lessons if they all have green check marks under them.


                    Been waiting for this course a long time!!! Thanks for making it possible :)


                    TUSEN TACK! A great refresher!


                    Tack så mycket!!!


                    Thank you so much - I'm thrilled finally to be able to begin, and I'm very pleased that you are not waiting until all the warts are removed before letting us use what you have so far.



                    The course is very helpful and fun, good job :)


                    Tack så mycket! :)


                    Thanks so much !


                    tack så mycket!! jag tycker om svenska!


                    thank youuuu so much :)




                    I am so much enjoying this course, in spite of struggling a bit with the TTS. Many thanks for all your hard work.

                    When I complete part of a lesson, the badge changes to 'redo' and I keep reading that as Swedish and thinking 'ready' as in, it's time to do this lesson, instead of English, as in, do the lesson again. So I've accidentally repeated a couple straight after doing them. But never mind.


                    hej san, tack!

                    jag är en kvinna och äter en äplle ;)


                    I've been waiting for Swedish for so long! Thank you very much!


                    Gratulerer så mye! :-)


                    I'll be moving to Sweden for a project so hopefully it will help me with some basics. Although from what I've read it's pretty hard to learn Swedish in Sweden, since everyone speaks English and they will switch to English if they can hear you're not from Sweden :) (which is nice, but.. )


                    they do... it's frustrating but for those who really don't know any Swedish it is pretty comforting that you don't have to struggle like you do in many other countries. Just think of it as a challenge! I seriously was ecstatic the first time I ordered at Espresso House entirely in Swedish and the girl didn't change to English at any point. It's a great feeling! (granted, I got a vit mocka instead of mörk mocka because I forgot the word... but hey, progress!)


                    This Community is incredible and so is this website thank you Duolingo and the community for everything to help me better myself through language! I still can't believe it's free and teaches you so much haha


                    Tack! I have been waiting to use this program, and I'm excited that I now can add it to my list of resources I am using to learn Swedish! Very nice.


                    Thanks a lot, Tack sa mycket. I 'm french so it's really strange for me to translate a foreign langage in an other foreign langage. Definitely i'm not very clever but it is a funny game to see Mus och skoldappa och myra. Skoldappa is my favorite name. It is so amazing.


                    Everyone can choose the way that works best for them. I am russian and I'm learning swedish through english and it works just great because we don't have/use articles in russian as well as we don't use verbs that much as it's important in english or swedish but it's good to understand how it works in swedish thanks to english :)


                    I'm so happy! I take lessons every day


                    thank you very much for developing the Swedish version! It's wonderful, great job!


                    Thank you very much for your hard work!


                    Thanks for all the work done!!


                    Thank you! So it's only been out for a week? That explain why I couldn't find the course earlier! I'm having a lot of fun with this. I couldn't reply to tips& notes, but I liked the note to dutchies and germans with defnitive articles - I know that -en is usually the ..., but if I don't think about it I mess it up... it's confusing for us! And also, what the hell is up with your pronounciation of sked and sköldpadda... the sk-sound is somewhere between a h and the Dutch g?


                    You cannot reply to t&n, but you could always write in the forums. There is a note about the definite articles at the skill "definites". Have a look at that :) The "sj-sound" which your referring to is one of the most diffecult sounds in Swedish to pronounce. It is also one of the most difficult sounds to spell as it could be spelled in about 60 ways. The most common spellings are sk, sj, stj and skj. The voice usually gets this right, but it sometimes says it too often (For example handskar which does not have the sj-sound). But listen to the voice and try to imitate


                    Tack så mycket! Duolingo är fantastisk!


                    Just signed up prior to a permanent move to Sweden from the UK in a few years. Just heard of this resource when one of your team did an interview on "The Naked Scientists" in Cambridge. There are some similarities to "Memrise" but also some notable differences which I like. Well done for putting this together.


                    Jag talar Svenska. Alskar ni :))


                    alt + 132 = ä. alt + 134 = å. alt + 148 = ö. This does not work for most laptops.


                    it doesn't work for me unfortunately :(


                    do you have numlock on?


                    This course is awesome! Tack sa mycket!


                    Tusentack. Tack tack. Tack sä mycket! Thank you for getting this up and running in beta!


                    You are such a polyglot


                    Hej! Tack sa mycket :) It looks great so far, however, are you going to launch the swedish keyboard anytime soon? Thanks :)


                    I just received an answer from our course mentor who says that they are working on it, but it will take a while. I have no idea why it is taking so long, but that is what is what they say.


                    Maybe you can release the iPad version?


                    Unfortunately, I can't do anything. Only the duo-team can release courses and I guess that the iPad and iPhone versions are more or less the same and will be released at the same time.


                    Loving the Swedish course so far! Thanks for getting it up. :)


                    Great job! This is really helping me with my Swedish.


                    Thank you so much for the course! Do you know when it will be available for mobile devices?


                    Tack sa mycket! The course is great. Is there any possibility to make a course for italian native speakers like me? It's a bit tedious to pass through english for an italian native to learn swedish


                    Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work. Wanted to pick up Swedish for a while, now I can! Tack så mycket!


                    Can't wait to learn it.


                    Awesome and thanks!


                    Hi, I'm enjoying so far it's great! I tried the swedish progress quiz after finishing the first checkpoint and there were a lot of words that hadn't been covered so I couldn't answer the questions. Is this quiz meant for a later stage?


                    Hi, I'm enjoying the Swedish course so far it's really great! I tried the Swedish progress quiz after completing the first checkpoint and there were a lot of words and phrases that hadn't been covered in the lessons so I couldn't answer the questions. Is the quiz meant for a later stage?


                    My husband had lived for 33 years in Malmo and he is of no use to teach me the language BUT Duolingo is helping me out A LOT !!! Thank you very much !


                    I believe that!


                    Loving the course so far but not so sure on where to find the discussions could someone post a link for me :-)


                    If you click on "Discussions" in the top bar, you will see your subscriptions in the right column. Then, you can click on "Swedish from English" and all Swedish threads will be filtered out. For example, there are some really good hints in the top thread "Swedish: Useful links and discussion topics, an overview".

                    PS. You can also follow the guys who created the course (and other Swedes as well if you like to) and then you will be able to read their/our posts when you click on "Activity" in the top bar. Mostly, there are comments to the different phrases included in the course. I learn some Swedish myself from reading those :).


                    What are the names of the guys who created the course? Maybe we should start a facebook group lol. :-D


                    Thank you Helen. You have been very helpful :-)


                    Loving the course so far but not so sure on where to find the discussions could someone post a link for me :-)


                    Loving the course so far but not so sure on where to find the discussions could someone post a link for me :-)


                    Love it!! Thank you! Great way to start 2015!


                    thanks for this - a great new challenge for 2015 - we discovered the beautiful country last year and before we return this year, I really want to learn some of the language.


                    Tack sa mycket for this wonderful course! I've been looking forward to it for a while :D


                    I'm loving this new Swedish course, I've been waiting for this one to get hatched for a long long time. As somebody who aspires to live and work in Sweden this has been the best thing anybody could've given me to start the year.

                    Well done and good job! I can use Duolingo to improve my vocabulary and get some typing practice. I did notice the TSS pronouncing "är" and "de" weirdly (I thought de was a very strict "dom" pronounced in conversations that weren't casual) but you've already addressed it. Can't wait to see how this goes :)


                    "de" is supposed to be "dom", that's a well known issue with the TTS. As for "är", I don't think there's anything wrong with it? The normal pronunciation of "är" is without the r.


                    Oh in that case it may be due to my friends dialect, they say it quite differently.


                    Tack så mycket! Learning Swedish has been very fun so far. Hopefully, the course keeps improving.


                    Many thanks guys! I've been looking forward to learning Swedish on here for a while. I really appreciate it :)


                    Thanks so much guys for completing the course!! I have been anticipating it for months so I was super excited to hear about its arrival! Keep up the good work!


                    Hej! Det är mycket möjligt att någon redan frågat detta, men jag kör på: Kommer det en kurs från SWE till ENG snart? Är det på gång? Eftersom att ENG till SWE nu finns så tänker jag att det inte kan vara så långt borta :). Jag vet att mina elever skulle älska det. Jag är själv lärare i just engelska, och skulle mer än gärna bidra. Tack för ert enorma arbete! Vänligen, Marcus, fellow Duolingo-LOVER


                    Hej Marcus! Det arbetet har inte dragit igång än, men det är jättebra att veta att det finns en efterfrågan. Annars möter man främst attityden att en sån kurs skulle vara fullständigt överflödig eftersom alla svenskar redan talar så bra engelska.

                    Mitt mål har hela tiden varit att få vara med och bygga kurser åt båda hållen (Ursprungligen ansökte jag om att få bygga sve-eng, inte eng-sve). Vi kan inte läsa ansökningar till kursen sve-eng, men det jag vill uppmuntra dig till att göra är att ansöka genom incubator.duolingo.com. Förhoppningsvis kommer vi snart att få börja med det arbetet och då ser vi ansökan då.

                    Jag tror att det vore jättebra med en svensk engelsklärare med i truppen eftersom mycket av arbetet handlar om att förklara grammatiska regler och även om vi alla talar bra engelska så kanske vi inte har de bästa verktygen för att förklara svåra begrepp och koncept. Jag ska hålla dig i minnet


                    Hej! Och tack för ditt snabba svar!

                    Ja, jag har en annan profil: marcushjorth

                    Denna jag skriver från nu startade jag precis igår och jag använder den på jobbet. Jag har väl inte hunnit testa så jättemånga olika språk här på Duolingo ännu, men så fort jag har tid över så sitter jag med Duolingo, that's for sure :).

                    Jag har ansökt via Incubator, säkert tre gånger. Ska jag fortsätta ansöka?

                    Deltar som sagt mer än gärna med detta utvecklingsarbete. Jag är utbildad gymnasielärare i ämnena engelska och psykologi, och jag är mitt uppe i att utbilda mig till specialpedagog. Visst, vi svenskar är väldigt duktiga på engelska, men vi har också elever med inlärningssvårigheter samt också elever som är nyanlända från andra länder, och för dessa skulle ett så briljant koncept som Duolingo göra underverk. Tro mig. Jag testade Duolingo med mina elever igår, och de fick då testa från ENG till SWE. Succé! De älskar appen!

                    Igen: Tack för det du/ni gör!

                    Vänligen, Marcus


                    Jag har tänkt att kanske vore på tiden att förbättra engelskan. Har rest runt i världen och det gick bra men hur det gick med min engelska kan man ju fråga sig. Eftersom jag spelar Lexulous på engelska sen tre,.fyra år lär jag spelet och vissa ord, men saknar en möjlighet att träna hur jag själv uttrycker mig. På en lite högre nivå.


                    Ik begrijp niks van dat. Wat ben je aan het zegen?


                    It is Swedish. But I'm not a language teacher...


                    Well can you please translate?


                    Awww, that owl is just so cute! So adorable! So huggable!


                    Tack så mycket!! It's really funny and useful :)


                    love this! but what is "XP"?


                    XP is short for "experience points" and they help you level up! :)


                    Thank you! I need a few more of them!


                    Hey guys, I found a typo. In the Pronouns objective lesson tips, you write "In very informal Swedish you might even found ....", whereas it should be "find". I wasn't sure if I should write it here however, so hopefully you'll see this!


                    Thank you! I'll have a look at it!


                    Great, thanks! :)


                    This should be fixed now, sorry it took so long... We've had so much to do


                    No worries, I can imagine! Keep up the good work! :D


                    Thank you for the course. When are you going to record the audio with a human?


                    Tack! I can't wait to visit Stockholm again and finally understand the menu by myself! OK, way more than the menu next time :D. Obrigada!


                    I absolutely love this program!! Tack så mycket !!


                    Hi, I've just finished the Duolingo Swedish tree. Aside from reviewing the skills to make them all shiny-golden, what are the further steps we can do for practice?


                    Som svensk blev jag nyfiken på kursen och försökte testa mig igenom den. Överlag tycker jag att det är en bra och konkret kurs men en sak jag jag upptäckt är att korta "A" som i "katt" uttalas som "A" i "val" i många av ljudklippen. Bortsett från det och att det behövs fler aternativ till svaren, är det en solid kurs.


                    TTS:en är ett känt problem, men eftersom jag inte vet vilken TTS du har fått så kan jag inte kommentera det vidare. Vi arbetar hårt med att lösa detta problem.

                    När det gäller fler översättningar så får du gärna anmäla saknade översättningar genom att använda rapportknappen längst ned till vänster. Vi lägger hela tiden till fler översättningar, men vi är ganska strikta, vilket betyder att vi undviker att lägga till "onödiga" översättningar eftersom det kan leda till inlärning av snäppet sämre svenska meningar. Det är alltid en balans!


                    Du kanske har den gamla TTS:en? Det pågår ett A/B test där den nya "rösten" är mycket bättre. Du kan testa den själv här genom att välja Swedish -> Astrid.

                    Maybe you have the old TTS? There is an A/B test going on where the new "voice" is much better. You can test it yourself here by selecting Swedish -> Astrid.


                    This discussion is hard on those of us who are mere beginners! Translation, please!


                    If you use the chrome browser, you should be able to right click (on a windows pc) and an option to translate the page into English should appear. I hope this helps! I'm not sure how this works on a mac though.


                    Thanks for that tip, Usagiboy7!


                    Det ar mina valklomen


                    Tack sa mycket! (accents missing) I've wanted to learn Swedish for a while. It's really just for fun, because I'm focusing on French for school, but I'm an overachiever :)

                    Also, unrelated, but: ZOMGTHEOWLISSOCUTE!


                    Thank you so much for working on the Swedish course! I'm really happy to learn Swedish online. ありがとうございます!


                    Thank you guys so much for making this course :) Am thoroughly enjoying my self so far! It is my goal to learn pretty good Swedish by the end of the year.


                    Thanks for these lessons ! Swedish is a beautiful language ! :)


                    I am enjoying all this immensely. Thanks for all the hard work. I'll try to do my best.


                    Wish you all good luck! Teachers as well as learners. I tried the tests but gave up. Dessutom är jag från Skåne. Sveriges Andalusien. I am pretty good at Danish and trying to update it now. Studying Spanish music in Copenhagen.


                    Also, as I finished my Tree in Spanish today I want to say THANK YOU DUOLINGO VERY MUCH! I have also been to schools for foregn students in Granada, Málaga and Sevilla. I could only afford to stay a few weeks in January, February and March. I also want to thank my evening class teachers, Alejandro Rio from Uruguay, and Ezequiel Marelli, arriving to Sweden from Argentina. I am singing Flamenco Cante. Nowadays I realise how different it is when you know most of the grammar ( especially in Spanish). When you know what you are singing. After only five years I am ready for sort of a little career as a flamenco cantaora. Flamenco singer. I am delighted over still making progress all the time. The more you know the more you find. I am not lying. The online Duolingo lessons has meant .... making the whole thing possible.!!! You must practise and keep learning more, repeatedly all the time. As often as possibly. Maybe just 5 minutes. Take your smartphone with you in the bathroom! It's challenging to remember the things you need to remember! . Recommending a few minutes practisig, a lesson, strengthing weak skills every day. In my case DUOLINGO has been extremely important! Love you!


                    You guys are awesome!!


                    Jag använder Swedish for English learners med mina studenter i min undervisning i engelska. Det fungerar förvånansvärt bra :). Blir lite omvänt, men det är effektivt ändå.

                    Inga nyheter kring om svenska kommer som referensspråk, i.e. om man snart kan använda Duolingo från SWE till ENG? Det skulle vara otroligt populärt bland ungdomar idag.

                    Vänligen, Engelsklärarn


                    Hej igen. DL vill för tillfället tyvärr inte lägga till fler gränssnittsspråk pga av platsbrist samt svårigheter och kostnader med att anlita översättare. De har tyvärr sagt att kursen inte kommer att påbörjas inom en snar framtid, men vi fortsätter att pusha.


                    Ah, okej, jag förstår! Fortsätt pusha så fortsätter jag ansöka ;). Bra jobb, keep it up!


                    Jag tänker att eftersom ENG till SWE redan finns så kanske man inte behöver anlita så många översättare då mycket av arbetet redan är "gjort", men jag är ju inte lika insatt i programmet som ni är så jag kanske tänker fel. Jag skulle iaf hjälpa till gratis, utan problem! Hörs!


                    Problemet är inte översättningen av själva kursinnehållet. Det skulle vi (kanske tom med din hjälp) kunna fixa. Problemet är ju att sidan, Duolingo, som helhet måste översättas till svenska och det är det som DL kräver översättare för. Vi har erbjudit oss att göra det, men de kräver översättare... Därför gör det ingen skillnad att kursen eng-sve redan finns. tyvärr :(


                    Nej, det är klart, det tänkte jag inte ens på :/. Jag förstår ju att en översättning av hela sidan kräver en hel del tid och utrymme. Vi kämpar på! :) Tack för ditt arbete och dina snabba svar, du är verkligen engagerad!


                    Det verkar konstigt, det är klart att du eller jag skulle kunan göra jobbet så länge vi är två eller tre så den ena kan översätta och den andra kan kontrollera att det blir rätt och vettigt. Gör ett nytt försök att tala med dem, det är synd att så mycket utveckling bromsas av en sådan idé. Vi talar om några hundra fraser, ett överkomligt arbete.

                    Vore det ett alternativ att vi gör översättningen och en auktoriserad översätter kollar? I så fall blir det kanske billigare.


                    Systemets textmassa har två delar. En är den man behöver för att använda systemet. En är info om Duolingo, deras manifest etc. Jag kan förstå om man vill ha auktoriserade översättare för att översätta infon om Duolingo, men den totala textmassan i denna del är ändå ganska liten. Kostnaden för översättning borde vara överkomlig. Den textmassa som behövs för att använda systemet borde däremot med fördel kunna översättas av personer som själva använder systemet och som gör det gratis.


                    What does the green thing with shield around someones photo mean? Because I see all these people with it and they seem important. Does it mean staff or something?


                    We are moderators of the course. If you see a green shield you can definitely trust what that person says.


                    Ni är trevliga. Tack för allt !


                    thank you thank you thank you! I am so happy -- I finally know enough Swedish to get my Swedish husband to converse with me in his own language.


                    Wish I did! :( I can write/read/speak Swedish just fine but I can't for the life of me understand spoken Swedish.


                    Reading and writing came easy to me at first too. Speaking was okayish but understanding took me awhile too. You will get there :)


                    I have an advantage in understanding spoken Swedish because I once lived in Denmark for a year. Swedes enunciate more than Danes, so even when I was learning Danish, it was easier to understand both Norwegian and Swedish. Have you tried watching Swedish tv online? You can put on the subtitles so you're reading and hearing it at the same time. My big need now is to get going on writing and talking.


                    This is my exact goal! My husband loves speaking english and i know enough swedish to have basic conversations but being able to talk to his family without struggling to find words or need a translator is what I want to achieve! congrats on your progress :)


                    We could practise together. I find that writing my thoughts in Swedish brings attention to common mistakes so they get corrected, and also I discover more words that I might need a lot. I'm more fluent after I've been studying or writing.


                    3rd day in and I am really enjoying the swedish course so far! I get a little confused/frustrated when a sentence has two correct translations though :/


                    Also, one thing I think should be edited is aunt and uncle. In my experience, only one term for each is considered correct when in fact there are different terms for both. (for example: uncle is only correct as farbror in the level 4 adj test)


                    I checked this again just to make sure and both (morbror/farbror) are accepted where they should be.

                    It is frustrating when there are several correct translations, but sometimes we cannot help it. For example when English doesn't distinguish between singular and plural you.


                    The English "you" is translated into du, dig, ni, er, man, and en. It really messed me up until I started learning Swedish, as I never paid attention in German classes at school (for the entire 5 years I did it).


                    I wish we could just say tant and onkel all the time.


                    If it just says uncle (not paternal/maternal uncle) then farbror and morbror should both be accepted everywhere. If it isn't then it is a mistake and should be reported.


                    Tack så mycket! I am very excited to be learning Swedish :)


                    this is a great site, really motivated me to finally start learning swedish


                    The many smaller differences in spelling of words that are more or less the same as the Norwegian counterpart, is really frustrating to keep track of. Much harder than all the other words that are totally different from Norwegian I find.

                    Figured I would start Swedish since I haven't had the need of using it much since I was a kid. Danish is next, but that's much easier, at least in writing.


                    Loving the Swedish course so far! Thank you all for your hard work!


                    Hello, I know this is a relatively delayed critique, but I just started the course. I like it very much, and the only things that I could see so far that needs improvement are the exercises that show you a Swedish word and expect you to choose one or multiple English translations from a word bank at the bottom of the screen. On some exercises, the words in the word bank are the same with only a difference in capitalization. Perhaps a little more variance or additional words in the word bank would make this make more sense. Then again, perhaps this is entirely intentional and I have yet to understand until I progress in the course. All in all, very well done, I thoroughly enjoy the curriculum. Thank you. P.S. I have also only used the app version of this course thus far. I will try it out on my browser now.


                    Hi all! brand new to swedish, a good friend of mine lives there and he's helping me learn as well, but would love some friends on here as well :3 Loving the app, its so much fun!


                    Apologies if this question and a response to it are out there somewhere; I've been looking and can't find it. Why no Words page w/ flash cards for Swedish? I keep practicing, but I know there are words I've seen in the lessons that don't come up again. And if there's a way to create flash cards that would help me get my prepositions straight that would be extremely helpful.



                    lvl 10 and going up!


                    I love you team, the course is wonderful! I'm a post-graduate (masters in french translation) from Poland and I would love to continue my academic adventure in Sweden. If I succeed, it will be thanks to you and your hard work. Btw, the language is awesome :)


                    I just have to say,after being close to finishing the Swedish tree,that it is very well done,i've been practicing for two weeks and i seem to have a good understanding,i can listen to songs in Swedish and i'll understand for the most part,and after listening for a while i can connect the dots.The only problem i have is the text to speech as is said in the post,but all in all great job!

                    Would love if at some point you added additional tree options like there is in German.Bless you all


                    Thanks for doing the hard work!


                    Is there a visual percent fluency for Swedish? I am only level 3 right now but I haven't seen it yet.


                    excited to learn this re learn this language ! tack så mycket !!!


                    This is simply wonderful!!!


                    wow i'm not learning Swedish but WOW


                    Thanks for the swedish course, I just started and it's a lot of fun to learn. By the way: Since I'm a native german, will there be German-Swedish version? Because I find it a little bit tricky to do the course in a language diffrent from your native one. It still works pretty fine, but I feel like it is slowing me down a little.

                    Anyways, enjoy your sucess, it's nice to have the option to learn swedish. Thanks for your work.


                    Great job guys! Tack så mycket!


                    I need to build a starting base, otherwise trying to type in English what I listen to in Swedish is just bad guessing. Or translate the same


                    Tack så mycket for this course! My husband has friends from Sweden who will be visiting us next year and I hope to surprise them with a little understanding of their language. :)


                    Wow, I feel like a kid in a candy store. So much good stuff to help me learn Swedish.


                    Can't wait to learn


                    Are you guys going to add the fluency percentage? i know it is not always accurate but its vary motivating!


                    We have no way of doing that. Only the Duolingo staff can do that and I believe that they only apply it to the in-house courses (since they can control the quality of them in a better way)


                    I would be motivating to have a fluency percentage, I agree! Why is there no connection to LinkedIn, either? thanks.


                    I am currently learning swedish from scratch! Let's see if this works. :) Loving it so far.


                    So excited to continue learning!


                    Tack så mycket för svenska! Äntligen jag har en möjlighet att förbättra den här språk!!!


                    Jag hjälper gärna till med att bidra till denna kurs. F.ö, om ni arbetar från en ipad/mobil så brukar å, ä och ö komma upp som alternativ i en ruta när due klickar på a, o. Praktiskt och ganska snabbt.


                    Halla! jag ar en flicka och jag alskar Swedish!


                    jag ar en pojke och jag alskar svenska!


                    bra gjort jag gillar den har kursen


                    I really like the parts when you have to speak into the mic to translate in svenska the english phrase. However I would really like it if more of those kinds of prompts could be in each session. For me reading the language is one thing but actually getting used to hearing, understanding, and responding/articulating the language itself is really what I am after.


                    Hej! I'm new here. I'm interested in Swedish language and culture! So far, the Swedish course is very interesting and i like it!


                    It's an amazing course! Tack so mycket for all the hard work!!


                    ouch, i just scored 0,69 out of 5 in swedish progress quiz :/ :D that does not look kinda good to me:D


                    Jag är mycket tacksam för detta program särskilt eftersom jag planerar att gå på college i Sweeden . Bara en liten förslag kan du starta en skotsk / gaelic kurs ?


                    Dear friends, I just started to study Swedish and already amazed by this great work. Thanks a lot!


                    Enjoying the Swedish course, I just came back from my first visit to Sweden and I loved it. Has anybody got any recommendations for a good first book written in Swedish to have a go at?


                    Tack så mycket, Duolingo :)


                    Hallå, jag heter Markus. Jag lära svenska!


                    det ar god. Im getting good at swedish


                    I just wanted to say that today is my 1st anniversary since I started learning Swedish here at Duolingo and that it has been an incredible & very fulfilling journey. Learning foreign languages is a lifelong process but thanks to Duolingo the desire to learn more and the initial foundation of the language are already here!


                    Thank you, learned so much already :)


                    I'm only level 3 beginner, but thank you so much for making the learning of it possible, its great! :)


                    Tack så mycket! It's really fun to learn new language with duolingo! Jag älskar det!


                    Tack! Jag är en nybörjare här i duolingo, men har ju studerat svenska tidigare många år. Det tog mig några, intensiva dagar att gå igenom kurssen men det var jätteroligt att studera på det här sättet! Jag blev så glad när jag kunde förstå så väl fast jag fick en enorm huvudvärk! Det var bode roligt och nyttigt. Tusen tack och adjö. :)


                    I haven't been to Eastern Sweden, so far I have only visited Gothernburg, Boras, and Halmstad, but I find that Swedish is an interesting language.


                    Jag har fött lära Svenska för lite över två år, och Jag älskar Sverige! Anyone know of a good forum to offer support? thanks.


                    Really happy to have found this course! A big thanks to the devs! I feel like I'm learning very fast this way. It's my 11th day today and already reached L7. Hopefully jag kan prata Svenska in 7 months when I'm going on my next holiday :)


                    Ah, this explains why de always sounded like dom! I've only really used the app for learning, and very rarely come to the website (and on those rare occasions, I don't always check the forums). I thought it was just a quirk of pronunciation so I'm glad to know I should say it as de!


                    Hej ! Although I am rather new to duolingo,I can say that learning a new language has never been so easy and fun.Tack sa myket! :-)


                    Tack sa mycket (no keyboard sorry).


                    I have only been learning Swedish for a short while as I have a Swedish daughter in law. On Skype she has commented on how fast I am learning. This is all down to you. I cannot thank you enough and look forward to going to visit Sweden and to practice the language.


                    Thank u so for this opportunity )) and good luck to everyone!


                    This is the best app so far for learning a new language. I am so happy because my Swedish lessons are going perfectly and I can say that I've learnt a lot in only 10 days. The only downside I see now is that I can't practice my speech when logged on my android tablet and phone. I hope you will manage to implement it somehow in near future.


                    Tomorrow it's my 40th day and I'm learning really fast. Parallel to Duolingo I'm doing an audio course (Pimsleur, approx 30 mins a day), which helps a lot. Anybody else doing an audio course? I'm looking for another good one, since I almost finished Pimsleur.


                    I also use Pimsleur, Rosetta, and Babbel. Each has their own unique contribution, but I think that the give-a-response system in Pimsleur offers something different than the quizzy or translate-y system in duolingo and Rosetta or the cloze exercises of babbel. I wouldn't say "better", but it's something equally essential, because it teaches you to conversational context. When working on Russian, I also used RussianPod101, which had some great audiobook podcasts of various levels.


                    Hello, Just wondering if the Swedish course is considered out of beta yet.



                    Hej! Mitt namn ar shannon! Jag talat engleska, men jag lära sig att tala svenska :)


                    This post is a blessing... truly helpful! I left you a lingot, and I'd like to add that I created an 'Unofficial Swedish Wiki' discussion here on Duolingo! Hope you get the chance to check it out sometime =)!


                    I finally joined a club. It's for Dutch speaking people. Have to say it works quite motivating :)

                    Because of this I thought it would be fun to start a small forum for Dutch people who are learning Swedish. So, if you're Dutch and you're learning Swedish: sign up! :)

                    You can find the forum here: http://stapvoorstapzwe.actieforum.com/


                    Is your forum already gone? Can't find it any more.


                    I'm quite late to the discussion but I really wanted to thank the developers of the Swedish course. I only "discovered" DuoLingo a couple weeks ago and it has been a lot of fun to use the online course and accompanying Tiny Cards.

                    Because I have a Swedish parent and have been to Sweden dozens of times, I am already considered fairly fluent in basic conversation. (After completing about 1/3 of the course I've only come across a handful of words that I didn't already know.) However, I have never formally studied Swedish grammar so I have found your course to be very useful for filling in my numerous knowledge gaps in this area.

                    I started my DuoLingo journey with Swedish mainly for this reason but I also thought it would be a good way to gauge the effectiveness of DuoLingo overall using a language that I already have a lot of familiarity with. I must say that I have been extremely impressed so far!

                    Having jumped right into the course, there are still many features of the DuoLingo interface that I am ignorant about but I hope that will change with time. As a side bonus, the course is also helping to familiarize me with the Swedish keyboard which I added to my Mac keyboard settings.

                    I do have one question I was hoping someone could help me with...

                    After completing a translation, there is a button at the bottom that reads, "Discuss Sentence." Whenever I push this button nothing happens. I am running a very old Mac OS (Version 10.6.8) on an equally outdated Firefox browser. (My ancient OS does is not supported by the newer versions of Firefox). Perhaps this has something to do with the functionality of that button. If not, please let me know how I can get involved in the sentence discussions.

                    Tusen tack for a wonderful Swedish course!!


                    thank you so much for the information!


                    Tack så mycket !!


                    Tack så mycket! Jag älskar då.


                    When will we see a course from Swedish?


                    I would like to see a course where Swedish speakers can learn another language. There is no such course today in Duolingo.


                    Aah I get it, I hope for you that they will add it mate :)


                    I've always thought I was bad at learning foreign languages because I only ever tried to learn French, in school, against my will. Now I'm having a totally different experience. I LOVE Swedish. And I'm learning it! And it's fun! Thank you so much for the amazing course!!!


                    Great isn't it? I love swedish too. I "can't" do grammar, this is why I failed in school at languages. Since I've learned I have an ear for the "music" of languages (every language has it's melody) I have learned lots in different languages since leaving school!


                    Before I started learning Swedish online, I was watching Swedish crime shows and trying to decipher some of what was said against the captions. I decided that some of Swedish is the same as English, just said with a Vaguely Swedish accent. I still find it funny, and great, that so many Swedish words remind me of their English equivalent. And yes! No grammar to really learn. It's such a cute, fun language. I can't believe how much I've learned in a short time. I'm 14% fluent already! LOL


                    Thank You very much!


                    Ankorna ater soppan.

                    I am a strange person.

                    [deactivated user]

                      Hej! I am learning Swedish. How are you?


                      Woot woot let's go Sweden! IKEA is life


                      You guys are awesome, I am so happy I can learn Swedish here. I big thank you to all of you!


                      I am fluent in Swedish. I just wanted to be able to help others who would like to learn more about the language, and just to basically teach others.


                      jag tycker om det, tack.


                      tack sa mycket! god tips ar valkommen


                      Is there going to be an expansion to Swedish anytime soon? Like has been done with other courses.


                      I am motivated to be multilingual and trying to learn Swedish :)


                      I'm just starting, any advice?


                      Hi! I just started learning Swedish and quite like the sound of it. Thanks!


                      Hi all, I recently joined the Swedish course. I am eager to learn it and I am so grateful with you all that made this course possible. Tack så mycket!

                      [deactivated user]

                        The funny thing is that I just learned that


                        thank you :D I aim to be able to converse somewhat in Swedish soon.


                        very helpful! thank you!


                        Does that mean är sounds similar to the English word air?


                        bellissimo corso, è riuscito a fare capire molto a me che non ne sapevo proprio niente !! bravissimi !


                        Thank you for making the course! Really appreciate it. I have a question on why can't we look at the lessons and guides on our phone app. I mean the light bulb, not the practices.


                        Thank you so much... Is there will be new lessons soon?


                        Tack så mycket for this course!


                        hej jag heter Ahmad och jag är kommer ny till har


                        I realy needed this to help me in school

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