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"Che ne dici di un'altra tazza di caffè?"

Translation:What do you say about another cup of coffee?

July 2, 2013



Could someone please explain the role of "ne" in this sentence. It seems redundant and I am having a very difficult time wrapping my head around this "ne" word.


ne = di lui, di lei, di loro, di ciò (of/about him, her, them, it)


As far as I know "ne" means "about". Eg: Ne parliamo più tardi (We speak ABOUT IT later).


The translation in English is slightly wrong. It would be better to use 'to' instead of 'about' eg 'What do you say to another cup of coffee?'


I think the latter is slightly more colloquial. Both should be accepted though.


Whilst the meaning would understood, it would never be used in English converastion. This translation just feels off.

The phrase is "what do you say to..." and then the idea. It's used often and in many different ways.


I would say 'what do you say about another pint of beer'. I would also say 'what do you say to another pint of beer'. Interchangeable and both in regular English usage.


I love whilst. In USA it's not used. Harry Potter book dialogue has loads. Now I'm thinking about "barking." A chuckle in midst of rooting out the irritating "ne"


That's what I wrote and it was accepted


so you talk to coffee cups, buddy?


Could you say "Che/cosa dici di un'altra tazza di caffe'?"


Più facile --> Vuoi un'altra tazza di caffè? Use of ne and ce ne and ce l'hai etc. mi guida pazzo.


It's so cool to find out that Italians use a lot of the same expressions we do.


it is impossible to hear what she is saying clearly. There needs to be a lot of work on her pronunciation, it's terrible in the slow version


Is ne similar to en in French?

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