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Swedish alphabet selection

Thank you to everyone who's worked on making Swedish available.

Is it just me or are the options to select the non-English letters å, ä and ö not available in the Swedish course?

November 17, 2014



It's not. Though if you go to your control panel (assuming you have a windows computer), and go to regions/languages, keyboards & languages, and then add keyboard you can add a fake Swedish keyboard to your computer. You can find the keyboard mapping on the internet if it troubles you.


An easy way to see where the letters are after adding a 'Swedish' keyboard is to search for 'on-screen keyboard' in the start menu. It shows what letters and symbols are where.


if you don't have a mac, a good app to download on a pc is Holdkey. It allows you to type foreign characters. You just hold down and letter and choose from the list it gives you by typing the number corresponding to the character. It makes Duolingo so much easier and quicker instead of have to pause from typing. Check it out, you might like it, but it takes some getting used to.


We're working on it.

As a temporary solution, might I suggest using alt codes?

Hold the alt key, press the code, and let go.

alt + 134 = å
alt + 132 = ä
alt + 148 = ö

Perhaps not ideal, but it should do the trick.


If you are a Windows user you could add a Swedish keyboard in the "Text Services and Input Languages" settings. This would change your {, :, and " keys to Å, Ä, and Ö respectively.

You can then switch between the two using alt + shift.


I was wondering about this too! Seems very odd. Is it just for the first few lessons? Or is it throughout the entire course?


If you download the keyboard for windows, the å, ö, ä are the open bracket key, the colon key, and the quotation key respectively


Nope, not just you. If you use Windows you can easily add a Swedish keyboard to your computer though, then just memorize where the extra letters are.

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