"De tycker om oss."

Translation:They like us.

November 17, 2014

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I have heard "de" pronounced like the English word "dome"... Vad sager du? Is the female computer voice more correct here?


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You're right! Unfortunately the TTS pronounces "De" wrong. There is more information about this in the welcome-thread in the forum


Thanks! Great job rolling this out too. I'm excited to re-boot my Swedish after finishing Rosetta Stone over a year ago and not practicing regularly since!


What is TTS?

Where is the welcome-thread? I'd like to see what it says about "De". My boyfriend is from Sweden and he says there is no such word or it might be slang. He also says the speaker has a Stockholm accent. I would have preferred a speaker with a neutral way of speaking, like in the US the way national news anchors have no regional accent.


TTS is text to speech


How would you say 'They think about us', as in they are literally using their brains to imagine or consider us?


De tänker på oss.


Tack för hjälpen :)


Duo pronounced de and dem like "dome". How would a native speaker pronounce these?


Both are pronounced (and sometimes informally spelled) "dom".


cou"ld you also translate this as 'They care about us?'


No, not really. It just doesn't have that connotation for me as a native speaker.


I'd translate that into De bryr sig om oss.


The "o" in oss here seems to be pronounced as the "o" in "throw". I've seen elsewhere that the Swedish "o" must be pronounced like the "oo" in "boon"? Is this a matter of long vs short and where/how can I learn to master this? Any resources for this?


Yes, the Swedish O can be either /ʊ/ ("hook") or /u:/ ("boot"), or /ɔ/ ("not") or /o:/ ("yawn") This is due to a vowel change hundreds of years ago. It's not a matter of long vs short, since it can appear in any of the forms. Generally, it takes a /ʊ/ sound (short "oo") at the beginning and end of words, and an /ɔ/ or /o:/ sound otherwise. Also, stressed open syllables on -o are usually /u:/. But that only a very broad generalization, and you'll have to learn which ones are which way.


Jesus at first i thought it said "ass" instrad of "oss" which caused me to read it as "ass" instead of "oss" and i al.ost died laughing lol

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