November 17, 2014

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I had a lot of trouble with this one. Hopefully I can keep the distinction clear in my head!


I couldn't even tell if it was Swedish or English! I'm sure I'll figure it out with practice...


I studied English phonetics for a while so I'm going to try to tell you the difference between these to a's, I hope I can make this clear haha.

The a in the English word 'man' is sort of followed by an e (like in dress) so you actually kind of say maen, but sort of quikly so it's very subtle (the phonetic symbol for this a is actually æ). The a in the Swedish word 'man' is more 'just an a' like when the doctor says "say aaah" but then a little more flat.

I myself get confused by reading this but I hope you get something out of it!


Haha I was actually just joking, since they're so similar ;) My accent means that I pronounce it the same as Swedish anyway. But thank you even still! ^^


hahahah no problem!


From what I can tell the Swedish vowel is long, while the English one is short. Keep practising! ;-)

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