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  5. "Ja, tack så mycket!"

"Ja, tack mycket!"

Translation:Yes, thank you very much!

November 17, 2014



lol in my translation I put Ja, Thank you very much as I'm getting used to saying Ja rather than yes.. this is a good sign.


Haha, me too but I'm Dutch and the Dutch word for 'yes' is also 'ja' :P


Same for German! :)


Also for Afrikaans! :)


What is the difference in pronunciation of "jag" and "ja?"


Most often, you'll find they don't differ. Unless very emphasized, jag is always /ja:/ rather than /ja:g/.

In spoken Swedish from Stockholm or surroundings you might however find ja being pronounced just /a:/ in colloquial speech.


I wanted to ask the same question. Thank you!


I kinda like to pronounce it like /jo:/ or then /ja:/ or a bit like /jo:a/ but I'm not a native speaker


There are a lot of sentences here that end with an exclamation mark. It really isn't used that much in English, a full stop is usually enough unless you're shouting or very emotional - not normal speech. Are exclamation marks normally used this often in Swedish?


Lol seriously, i have been wondering if Swedish is an overly exuberant language, or if the translators just didnt think a full stop in English was enough to convey the Swedish sentiments of "yes" and "no".


You would normally stop at "ja tack" if you only used a full stop. "Ja, tack så mycket" is a very strong line for a Swede, and it's VERY unusual to use it without an exclamation mark (or saying it without overwhelming joy).


Maybe if it was said sarcastically?


If used with sarcasm there would definitely be an exclamation mark following it (or 3, or even 10). :-)


I wrote "Yea" instead of Yes. Not sure if that should that to be acceptable or not


It probably shouldn't be entered as an alternative, but it's weird that Duolingo didn't accept it as a typo.


"Yea" isn't a correct spelling (the correct spelling would be "Yeah") but I agree that it should be accepted as a typo.


I knowww haha but still. It's not an uncommon spelling, even if it is not technically correct.


Well, "Yea!" means "Yes" in a vote. I thought it should also be accepted for "Ja!" as well as "Nay" which is a no vote for "Nej".



Yea is a really archaic way to say yes, but I think it's still technically correct. It's almost totally disused and it's a homonym for "yay" which is an expression of joy and not an affirmative. So most of the time it's going to confuse native speakers you're talking to.


Is there a similar phrase for expressing even greater appreciation or gratitude?

What comes to mind in English is, "Thank you SO much!"


You could say "Tack så hemskt mycket". Hemskt can also have a negative meaning (but not in the sentence I suggested). http://sv.bab.la/lexikon/svensk-engelsk/hemskt


Question: The word for very = ? Because sa= so ,such .I believe the proper translation would be Thank you so much ,cuz sa= so am i wrong ?


In many of these everyday phrases, a word-by-word translation wouldn't do us any good since that would produce a result that sounds unnatural in either language. That is why you'll find that the words here don't match up by themselves. The phrase is translated, not the individual words.


In english this phrase could sound kind of rude, kind of like saying "yes but it's none of your business", would it ever be taken that way in swedish?


This phrase could also be polite in English. For example:

"Did you receive my greeting card?"

"Yes, thank you very much!"


Ja, det kan den. Yes it can. But I think it's only us Swedish that would be able to make or here that diffrence, because it's about pronunciation of the "tack" or "tack så hemskt" eller "tack så himla mycket" and then the emphasis is more at the "hemskt" or "himla" and easier to understand than if the emphasis is on only "tack". Also face expression is important.

I hope this helped.


I wrote "Yes, thanks very much" and it marked it wrong. Even though "tack" is "thanks/thank you."


I did that too. Is there any reason this would be incorrect? Maybe it is too casual?


Why isn't "Thank you so much?" accepted? I say it all the time in English, and it's the literal translation with the same meaning.


The så pronunciation is weird, its kinda like 'soa' yeah?


The pronunciation of , I think of it as the first sound of soar and/or sore. Just don't pronounce the r at the end. Also, I think of the pronunciation of å as those words, except I don't pronounce the s or the r. Hope that helps!


It's kinda like the English word "saw".


How does "sa" play a role in this? (Sorry, I have a normal american typing keyboard screen)


så = so

Tack (Thanks) så (so) mycket (much)!


whats the pronunciation difference between jag and ja, i know difference in meaning but they sound so similar to me


There is usually never a difference in pronunciation between them. The g is silent in jag.


If you were talking to a Swede and emphasised the g, what might they think?


Even in German "Ja" means "yes" ^_^ I love those languages


It's pronounced different, though


If "so " is the literal translation of "så", then it can still be used here rather than "very".


I am on a level 4 and getting kind of tired of repeating phrases like "yes and no" "tack så mycket och hej då". Is there any way of skipping these levels?


I think you can skip any lesson at anytime. So long as you reach level one, you can move forward.


It wasn't possible when I wrote the comment, or at least I didn't have that option back then.


On another app, I've heard the word ja pronounced as ah (& they used a person, not a text to speech) is this a regional dialect thing? Because ja here sounds a lot like how jag is said here as well.


Ah is also used in most parts of the country except the Skåne region, but you always write "ja". It sorta depends on the situation which one you pick.


Possibly dumb question. But, out of curiosity, can this also be used sarcastically?


Yes, but when used sarcastically "Åhh, tack så mycket" is used more frequently.


I put thanks by accident and it counted as wrong rather than a typo


Why is så meaning so and then it completely disappears in this sentence


Well, ask the English why they desided to remove one of the important words from their sentence... :-)


Why is the t in 'mycket' voiced?


It's much more common to leave it out, but having it isn't wrong.


What does så mean if it stands alone


"so" as in "he was so mad" (han var så arg) or "i love you so much" (jag älskar dig så mycket)


Is it only "please" when we say tack, and "thank you so much" when we say we tack så mycket?


"tack" means "thank you". however, you could ask for something and say "pastan med köttbullar, tack". i'm not sure how common this is for a native swedish speaker to say though.

it's like ordering in a restaurant and saying thank you instead of please, because you know they're not going to say "no". it's fairly common here in the south USA, but i'm not sure about other english speaking countries/regions.


What does the "så" stand for?


Thanks so much.


Its not to good at picking up what you are saying


If i wrote yes thanks would that be wrong?

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