"Non sarai rimasta mai sola."

Translation:You will have never been left alone.

July 2, 2013

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what English are you speaking? will never have been is grotesque


even showed this to my Italian girlfriend, her answer was something like "what the hell are you learning? Nobody would ever speak like that..."


I had the same issue... but just instead of will never have been try "won't have been"... i suppose it sounds better and it does allow it....


where did "have" come from?


I was thinking the same as you because a couple of sentences before, we had: "Saremo ricordati per sempre" meaning, "We will be remembered forever". So, now we have a similar construction: "Non sarai rimasta mai sola" so I thought it would be: "You will never be left alone" but was marked wrong. Can anybody explain this, please?

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