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"Yes, welcome!"

Translation:Ja, välkommen!

November 17, 2014



So... what's the difference between Ja, välkomna! and Ja, välkommen?


"Välkommen" is when you say "welcome" to one person. "Välkomna" is when you say "welcome" to more than one person. Hope this helps! And remember the dots! "A" and "Ä" are two completely different letters.


Tack så mycket! Yes, I know there's a difference, I had just forgotten at the time I was writing my comment.


When in doubt, use Välkommen. It is sometimes used for a group of people. The only time you have to use välkomna is when you specify "ni" or "vi." For instance, if you open your front door to a group of people you can say "välkommen," but if you send out an invite adressed to multiple people, like a couple, you should use "ni är välkomna"


Couldn't this also be "Ja, varsågod!" depending on the context of the scenario, as varsågod means "You are welcome"?


It could, but I have an hard time seeing "Yes, welcome!" proclaimed in that sense in English.


I know this is probably nothing bur what are the dots above the a,u and y do you pronounce it differently?


Not surprisingly, this Latin script of ours isn't entirely fitted to write Swedish, which has several more vowel sounds than did Latin. Thus, to be able to write Swedish, the vowels å, ä and ö were added. They are letters of their own and not in any way some kind of variants of A and O! You can find some sound guidance here.


I don't know what that page was, but I really recommend these videos by our ex-contributor Blehg: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUb87YTKOTgnGcAM4toC-6A/videos

There are three on vowels alone. :)


What is the difference between "varsågod" and "välkommen"? I had to translate: "yes, please!" into Swedish. Can anybody help?


Välkommen = Welcome Varsågod = You are welcome Du är välkommen = You are welcome

It is easier to know which to use when you know the context :)


what is the function of the yes in this phrase


Answering a question, perhaps.


Did i really get it wrong because i missed a comma?


why does it say im wrong when one letter was accidentally typed

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