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Won't allow me to put an A with the two dots

Still accepts it as correct though?

November 17, 2014



On a mac if you hold the A key down then press 4 you should get this: ä. If you want capital hold shift first then let go and press 4 to get this: Ä.


Yeah they will probably add it.


That's true - I just tried to write "ater" instead of "äter" and as you say, it was OK. Maybe it's accepted in the same way as when you forget the ' in "don't"?


alt +0228 works, å = alt + 0229, ö = alt +0246


I use the US international keyboard and it is quite doable. For the Ä or Ö, you just need to press " first and then the vowel. For Å you need to hold the right Alt button and then W.


I use the US international keyboard on a lap top. My right Alt key is labelled AltGr and i use that key to type my accents and special characters.
AltGr+Q = ä and the shift key to get a capital
AltGR+Y = ü
AltGr+ P = ö
AltGr+ W - å (that's the "a" with the little circle.

I sometimes use the Shift + " keys, too but am glad I stumbled across the others because I was always accidently hitting the Enter key.

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