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" sommaren är nätterna ljusa."

Translation:In the summer the nights are light.

November 17, 2014



Why the translation "the nights are light in the summer" is marked wrong here?


Probably because you switched the places of "in the summer" and "the nights are light", and even if the meanings are the same, Duo wants you to stick closer to the original sentence grammatically speaking.


That would be fine if that was how duolingo marked things consistently. it is more idiomatic in English to phrase it as sotnosen93 suggested and should still be marked correct.


Is the difference between this sentence and "Nätterna är ljusa på sommaren" only the emphasis? Is one of them used more commonly?


The meaning is exactly the same. They are used equally often


Dear Duo, please be consistent. In this sentence you wanted a word-for-word translation. In previous sentences in this set you demanded idiomatic translations, marking word-for-word translations wrong.


Exactly this. Why it is being down voted by people...


I feel like this sentence should accept "In the summer the nights are bright" as well as "light".


As a native english speaker, I wouldn't say it like this. I would personally say that the night is "bright"

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