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  5. "Yes, I am sorry!"

"Yes, I am sorry!"

Translation:Ja, ursäkta!

November 17, 2014



Is there a difference in connotations between ursäkta and förlåt?


Yes. Ursäkta is more formal. Ursäkta fits well if you bump in to someone. Förlåt is what you say if you hurt someones feelings.


The app corrected this as "jag är ledsen". Wouldn't that be "I am sad"?


"Jag är ledsen" can be translated both as "I'm sorry" and "I'm sad".


Is there a cognate word to ursäkta in English (or Middle English or Old English?) A lot of the words in Swedish I can remember because they're similar to old fashioned or dialectical words (barn like Scots bairn, mycket like Middle English mickel) but ursäkta isn't lining up to anything in my memory.


I think "förlåt" is the oldest way of expressing it (that's the expression used in all norse languages, though it may be considered oldfashioned), and an even older version would be "förgiva" (which is the English "forgive").


I see ursäkta sort of like "pardon" or "pardon me" which is not the most common phrase these days in the US, but this would also have multiple uses surrounding "excuse me" or "sorry". For example, if you bump into someone or need to ask them a question, you could theoretically say "pardon me". Though people would probably look at you funny :)


Why here 'Ja'? Instead of 'Jo'?


Jo is only used in response to a negative.


My Swedish friends told me ursäkta (excuseme) is when you havent done anything. Förlåt (sorry) when you have done something.


I'm afraid that isn't really true.


I put snälla instead of ursäkta.. What is the difference? I know ursäkta is more for saying sorry as in "excuse me," but why can't it be used in this instance?


You use variants of ursäkta and förlåt for making an excuse or being sorry. And you use snälla for asking, as in "could I please get..." - but it's a bit more complicated than that, since using snälla in the wrong place can sound like you're begging rather than asking.


I accidentally clicked on varsågod instead of clicking on ursäkta. I was lost in thought...


Why add Ja? would you not just say urskata?


I put "Ja, jag ar ursakta" (i dont have the letters on my computer) and it said i was wrong.. Whats wrong about this?


I think that would translate to "Yes, I am excuse me"


Hello excuse me, I am Dad


It's kinda like Spanish, you bump into someone and you say "Disculpe".

As a native Spanish speaker I find some Swedish's structure somewhat easier to understand than other languages, like this and third person One.


I looked up ursäkta, and it said its not even a word! Is this true?


What? No, it's a very common word. Where did you find that info?


I just googled it and went onto this Swedish dictionary; https://en.bab.la/dictionary/swedish-english/ursekta Yeah it says it doesnt exist ;-;


Oh my gosh lol I'm so dumb thanks for the help XD

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