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When Can We Type Accents?

Now, I don't usually create two discussion on one day, but I think that this question can use an answer. That is (like in the title), when can we type accents? I don't want to learn Swedish without the accent marks, or else I would be learning it wrong. Tack så mycket.

November 17, 2014



We're working on it :)

As a temporary solution, might I suggest using alt codes?

Hold the alt key, press the code, and let go.

alt + 134 = å
alt + 132 = ä
alt + 148 = ö

Perhaps not ideal, but it should do the trick.


If you are using a mac just hold the key down and it will give you options to type accents. Just hit the number below the accent and it should insert seamlessly. For example: hold a down and you get à, á, â, ä, æ, ã, å, ā! Easy as pie!


If you are a Windows user you could add a Swedish keyboard in the "Text Services and Input Languages" settings. This would change your {, :, and " keys to Å, Ä, and Ö respectively.

You can then switch between the two using alt + shift.


There are also various extended international keyboard maps that will let you do key combinations to compose the special characters. The forums have fairly comprehensive instructions on setting them up.


I'm using the US international layout on a keyboard that was 9.99 I think. It's really easy to get all the characters used in German and Swedish this way.


It's a good choice. Sadly I'm in the UK and the UK extended keyboard map is missing the double S and A-ring characters. The similarly named map under Linux is great though.


I'm using that, too. How do I type the Å? ã à á ä â are the only ones I can find on that layout.


Do you have an ''alt gr'' key? it should be the right-alt. To get Å you type altgr+w.


Thanks you, I'll try and remember these. ;)


Yes you can. At least on a mac you type alt/option button + u for umlauts, then the umlauts will appear and you type the letter you want umlaut-ed. Alt/option + the button to the left of 1 and ! for `, e for ´, i for ˆ, o for ø, c for ç, q for œ, s for ß, quotation marks/apostraphe for æ. I don't know how to do the circle above the "a" in swedish though.


Å lowercase should still be option+a, but that's not working here in Duolingo forums. (It works elsewhere on my computer, including elsewhere in Chrome.) I got the capital A-angstrom by doing shift-option-a. ÅAÅA. Huh. When I do option-a here, the keyboard responds as if I'm pressing a completely nonfunctional series.

Edit: Someone below pointed out that you can hold down the a and get options, just like iOS. If this isn't happening for you, you might need to turn on a setting in Keyboards.


Depending on your operating system and physical keyboard layout you may be able to switch to a keyboard layout that allows quick access to those letters (note: In Swedish ÄÅÖ are letters on its own, not letters with accents). If your keyboard is US you could switch in your operating system to "US International" and can access these letters via modified A, O, W, P. I have a German keyboard set to "T2" (German + International) and can AltGr + A for Æ, AltGr + O for Ø... oh, wait, wrong language, I already have Ä+Ö ;-). Sadly Å is the one letter that I can't easily access (Shift+AltGr+Ü, A) but it is easy on US International (AltGr / right Alt + W, which is close enough to A to remember). Just do a Google Image search for "keyboard us international" to see the layout.

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