"We are boys."

Translation:Vi är pojkar.

November 17, 2014

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The plural noun for 'boys' has two versions of this word. Such as:

Pojkar: boys

Killar: guys/boys


It's funny because in Italian feminine nouns end with -a and masculine nouns with -o while in Swedish han is he and hon is she. Also in Italian we is noi and you is voi while in Swedish we is vi and you is ni. So it's a little confusing


In German it is easy to remember, because Hahn is the male chicken (rooster), and Huhn is the female chicken (hen).


I thought I was the only one remembering it like that, lol


I dont understand the usage of Är, sometimes after Ni or Vi its not used and sometimes it is, can someone explain?


I think it's hard to answer your question the way you've written it, could you try to give some more detail? Perhaps some example of where är "is not used"?

Generally är means 'am/are/is': jag är 'I am', hon är 'she is' and so on.
Possibly what's confusing you is that in English they say I am reading whereas in Swedish jag läser covers both that and I read – we don't have a present continuous.


Well its supposed to mean ,,are,,?


So, no articles are required for plurals (like english)? I'm assuming this is why rice and milk have been given without an article?


Swedish and English are two different languages. "We are boys" and We are the boys" mean different things.


Is there are reason that boys (pojkar) in swedish ends on -ar and girls (flickor) on -or?


If the word take(en) like (en pojke)...and end with ( e,er,el ) you must delet the leter (e ) and add (ar ) EX: en pojke......pojkar en syster......systrar en spegel...speglar But if the word take ( en) and ends with ( a) like ( flicka) you in plural form you must delet the leter ( a) and add (or) EX:en flicka .....flickor


Just the way the language works when written. Notice how 'ar' is spoken like err, or eh when fast, like the end of pojke.


Its also the genders- like the pronouns, the girls have an "o" and the guys have an "a".


Tack så mycket! I love patterns like this


Is there a difference between pojkar and killar or do they mean the same thing?


Killar also means guys. You can use it for your buddies no matter age whereas pojkar is boys and cant really use it for grownups.


Could be used casually for the same. Pojke is correct word. Kille is casual word. When learning i think its best to avoid casual words in beginning.


is ~ar mean plurar?


my phone key board does not have accents

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