"I am a man."

Translation:Jag är en man.

November 18, 2014



Does "Jag är" work the same way when introducing yourself to someone? For instance, if I said "Jag är Marcy" would it be the correct way of saying "I am Marcy", Or is there an entirely different phrase for this?

July 13, 2015


Even though it means the same it doesn't work well for introductions. "Jag heter Marcy" (My name is Marcy) or "Hej. Marcy." while shaking hands and making eye contact works when you first introduce yourself. If you are meeting someone who are expecting you but you haven't meet before then "Hej. Det är jag som är Macy." Simular but more polite.

May 27, 2016


I under stand

February 22, 2017


yes Jag ar Marcy would mean the same as I am Marcy

November 3, 2015


well usually when you want to introduce yourself you say "Jag heter _" which means, "My name is _"..

April 12, 2019


How is the word "jag" pronounced?

November 18, 2014


it is like "ya", with the g silent. I have heard people enunciate the g at the end occasionally, but in normal speech you won't hear it.

November 18, 2014


I pronounce it "yoh"

June 30, 2015


is sju sick or seven

February 16, 2016


sju is 'seven'. sjuk is 'sick'

March 1, 2016


is there no masculine or feminine in swedish?

September 8, 2015


Not really, no. Nouns have two genders, common gender, en words, and neuter, ett words. So we have two genders, but they are not masculine and feminine.

January 28, 2016


I have a general question: is the swedish pronounciation here good? also with the right stress and so on? I was wondering because I heard the dutch isn't that good on Duolingo

August 10, 2016


Jag är en man

July 23, 2017


Why MAN means also ONE?

September 9, 2015


I'm not sure BUT maybe it's like the german "man" which, translated would mean something like "it is verb in past participle" or, in Spanish, a pasive voice using "se" Ex.: German: Man trinkt Spanish: Se bebe / Uno bebe English: It is drunk -meaning that you don't eat it, you drink it- / One drinks (it) / You drink (it)

Btw, I don't really know English or German so.. Sorry about, mostly, the grammar mistakes xD

November 11, 2015


Is the two dots necessary

January 28, 2016


Yes, a and ä are totally different letters in Swedish. Just like m and n.

January 28, 2016


They also have different sounds

February 22, 2017
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