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Värför är att tala använde och inte att prata?

I've been told att prata is more modern and more commonly used, shouldn't both be taught at the beginning or is att prata taught in a later verb lesson like at tale is in the Danish course?

November 18, 2014



Both are used in the course!


Tala comes first because there are many sentences about speaking languages early on. And in those cases, tala is used more often.


ah okej, tack igen.


tack så mycket!


Det är bra, jag använder oftast att prata för att min vän lärde mig att och inte att tala.


prata should be used most of the time, or snacka. tala sounds more official.

I would say:

Jag pratar med henne

but never or rarely

Jag talar med henne.


Nah, I use tala all the time (and I am a native speaker). It is a tad more formal than prata, though, so depending on the context, tala would be used for a sterner, more serious conversation than prata. But mostly, I would just use them interchangeably.

[deactivated user]

    I'd like to know the difference between pratar and talar myself. I know "talar" means to speak as it's so close to "taler" from Danish. Is "pratar" like reden from German which means to talk as opposed to sprechen (to speak)?


    The difference is extremely subtle. First of all, tala sounds more formal than pratar. I don't "tala" to my friends for example. On the other hand, a politician be giving a speech, "ett tal", and then he would of course "tala".

    It is also used in the expression "tala om", to tell someone something.

    "Jag talade om för dig att du inte skulle X"

    "I told you you should not X"

    Until you get a good feel for the language, I would just stick to "prata" for almost every situation.

    I'm not sure this explanation is any good, feel free to ask questions if it's just a mess. :)


    They both mean the same thing and can both be used in any situation you would use "to speak" in English. According to my friend (kjudu on here, he knows a bit of Swedish and has some Swedish friends) att prata is more modern and more commonly used now.

    [deactivated user]

      Ok. Sorry for that possibly confusing paragraph but sometimes I need to bring in German to make sense of its cousins, lol.


      Yes, they are used like the German words. :-)

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