"Lei non lo può credere."

Translation:She cannot believe it.

July 2, 2013



I am trying to understand why this is not "She cannot believe him" ....lo is masculine....what am I missing?

July 2, 2013


The would be "Lei non gli può credere" = "credere a lui". One can believe something (I believe this is the right way), or believe in someone (I believe in him), except that in Italian you use "a" instead of "in" :-)

November 14, 2013


But there is a difference between "believing in someone" and "believing someone". What would the Italian be for the latter?

February 17, 2015


'to believe in' translates as credere in (same preposition as in English)
'to believe someone' would be credere a.

February 19, 2015


You are right, "believe him" should have been another option for the correct answer. They just simply didn't think about it

March 10, 2015


'Believe him' would be credere a lui. crederlo can only be 'believe it'.

April 22, 2016


I also would like some clarification...

August 7, 2013


I truly cannot understand it either, because as you say lo is masculine. Not that I have fully comprehended when to use lo and when to use gli ... :-/

April 22, 2016


lo is masculine (or neutral) and it is a direct object. Ex. 'I know him' = lo conosco.
gli is masculine (or neutral) and it's an indirect object. Ex. 'I write to him' = gli scrivo

April 22, 2016


'Non posso credere che non è burro'

July 22, 2014


Would "lei non ci può credere" be correct?

September 4, 2014


To a certain extent, yes.

September 13, 2014


Can you tell me more about this? I've always heard "Non ci posso credere" and would like to know more about when you use "ci" and when you use "lo".

December 7, 2014


Why can't the translation be "She is not able to believe it." This was marked wrong but I don't see why.

December 30, 2014


I wrote the same thing ... also do not understand why it is wrong.

April 29, 2015


The other day I was watching a video on Youtube and someone said "non ci credo" then i went to google translate to look up what it means and it told me it means "I don't believe in that" Is that an accurate translation? If so, should I use it instead of "non lo posso credere"?

February 1, 2015


another tongue twister!

June 24, 2016
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