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"Vet du vad Sveriges kronprinsessa heter?"

Translation:Do you know what the crown princess of Sweden is called?

November 18, 2014



Ja, hun heter Victoria. Vi har ingen kunglig familj i Finland, så våra tidningar måste skriva om den svenska kungliga familjen.


hun = hon

den svenska kungafamiljen


Yes, "hon" of course. I've been doing Danish here and keep writing "hun" and "er". :P


This is slightly off the topic of language, but.... Is a "crown prince" or "crown princess" a royal child?
Does a "crown princess" become a "princess" at a certain age?
Or is the "crown prince" the one who is in line for the throne, and his brothers are just called "prince"?
Sorry if this is obvious but we don't have these people in my country and I'm not sure what the difference is between a prince/ss and a crown prince/ss.


Your last guess is correct - a crown prince/ss is the next in line for the throne and their brothers and/or sisters would just be called a prince/ss.


Actually, I don't like this question because I thought 'heter' was specifically asking about a person's name even though I think it literally means 'be called.' The reason I bring this up is, in English, it is easy to interpret this sentence to mean 'Do you know what (mean) names the crown princess of Sweden is called?' Alternatively, it could also ask the question as stated, but the answer would be something like "Yes, she is called the crown princess because that is her title." Am I mistaken in thinking the intention of the sentence is to see if we can answer that her name is Victoria?


I think ´Do you know Sweden´s crown princess´s name?´ should be accepted, but it was not.

[deactivated user]

    Could I use "hur" instead of "vad"?


    Can someone please remove this awkward translation (from the multiple word choice at least)?


    "Do you know what is the Crown princess's name?" was refused. Why?


    It's not good English.


    if you delete "what is", it should be accepted.


    Because your phrase doesn't mention it is the Swedish crown princess that it's about.


    "Do you know what is the name of the crown princess of Sweden?" is wrong?



    In English, this word order is wrong.

    If you start with, "Do you know what....," then the word "is" has to go to the end of the sentence, like this:

    "Do you know what the name of the crown princess of Sweden is?"

    Now it is grammatically correct.

    However, the "what" and the "is" are not necessary. As a native English speaker, I would not put all of those words in the sentence. I would say it like this:

    "Do you know the name of the crown princess of Sweden?"


    why can't i say - Vet heter du Sveriges kronprinsessa?


    You're missing a "what", plus it honestly looks like you randomised the sentence order. :) Like "Do you called Sweden's you crown princess" or something.


    why "the" is here?


    It's a definite form. In English, you can either say "x's y" or "the y of x". Sweden only has the former construction, but the latter is idiomatic in English here.


    as a native speaker I can tell that both "the sweden's princess" and "princess of Sweden" can be used. But why is it definite form in this case?


    Both "Sweden's crown princess" and "the crown princess of Sweden" can be used. Neither of the two you mention can be used. The definite form is required for the English genitive construction here.


    crown princess victoria, right?

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