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Other resources?

Hello all! I'm sure you, like me, are extremely excited that the Swedish course is finally here! I was wondering if anyone knows of other resources to use in conjunction with Duolingo. I know there are a few courses on Memrise that I am going to look into but other than that I've got nothing. Thanks in advance for any help!

November 18, 2014



I like to use http://tyda.se/ when I have to look up word endings, which is like all the time


this must be the best Swedish dictionary online!


Fabulo is an amazing Swedish app. The best I've found. It's fun like doulingo.


this is the best swedish resource that I have found online! Bit challenging maybe but I like how it gives you a scenario and you can listen and read the dialogue at the same time! http://sfi.halmstad.se/safir/startsida.htm


When I was first learning grammar I found this site http://www.onlineswedish.com/main.php very clear and precise.


http://www.svt.se/barnkanalen/ children's shows are great since the vocabulary isn't too advanced. It helps to get familiar with hearing different people speaking the language.


http://bab.la is a good for looking up words, and https://babadum.com has vocab games for Swedish. I also highly recommend SVT (http://www.svt.se) as a resource because it has plenty of news articles you can read and you can also watch a lot of TV (including kids' shows!) on the website. This blog also has a lot of good grammar explanations: http://www.thelocal.se/blogs/swedishteacher. Lycka till!


This is a wonderful resource for pronunciation and beyond. There is a pdf and full audio for each lesson. http://fsi-languages.yojik.eu/languages/swedish.html


thanks for sharing


Wow this is a great response! Thanks so much

[deactivated user]

    yes bab.la has been helpful to me so far, their tts is easier to understand than the duo lingo one.


    EN <-> SE dictionary: http://www.ord.se/

    Click the arrow to switch between EN and SE


    http://www.digitalasparet.se/ - has lots of different resources, from digitised exercise books to short quizzes. A- GY is the level of difficulty, with A being the easiest. I'd encourage clicking around, there is a lot of content if you look. http://ielanguages.com/swedish.html - content is very condensed, but this is another one i like.

    Someone already posted lexin (http://lexin.nada.kth.se/lexin/), but there is a few nice features that I like and wish to point out. By clicking 'Bilder och filmer' (pictures and videos?), you can find a picture dictionary under 'Bildteman'(but you will have to select 'svenska' from the language options first). 'Animationsteman' shows videos of verbs, and 'Dialogteman' is pretty self-explanatory . http://8sidor.se/ - a news site in simple Swedish. Things like https://www.wiktionary.org/ and http://www.forvo.com/ arent explicitly for learning Swedish, but can be helpful with translating/ conjugation and checking pronunciation respectively.


    You can try LingQ. It provides reading and listening material for whatever language level you're at (beginner, intermediate or advanced). You'll have to pay for premium features, but the free version is still quite good for improving your vocabulary. I used it to brush up my Swedish while waiting for the Duolingo course.


    I can also recommend this radio channel broadcasting the news in simple Swedish - http://sverigesradio.se/sida/default.aspx?programid=493 you can both read the articles and listen to the audios - all in very clear and somewhat simplified language. helps me a lot with listening comprehension, learning new words. as to other interactive resources like Duolingo - Babbel and Livemocha also have Swedish courses!


    Are there any famous children's books written in Swedish?


    Basically anything in the mumintroll series by Tove Lansson. Pippi longstockings /pippi långstrump or anything else written by Astrid Lindgren as well.


    Do you think these are readable for a beginner?


    I can only give a limited answer for this. Mumin- some of them. You could probably read, or at least understand the gist of books like 'mumintrollet: fyller år' , or 'var är lilla my?' based on what you know /today/, and you'd outgrow it very quickly (these are books for very young children). On the other hand, i find random genre fiction easier to read than kometen kommer or trollkarlens hatt, which are probably aimed at a 8-10 age bracket? Its doable, but you'll need a dictionary by you while you do it. Astrid Lindgren - No clue, I've only ever read her books in English.


    I should probably add that I'm not 100% sure if Tove wrote the first two mumin books I mentioned in Swedish first, but I think kometen kommer and trollkarlens hatt were written in Swedish first.

    There is also an animated series of mumin, called "i mumindalen". Episodes of it can be found on youtube. Bamse is a pretty good old cartoon to start out with too, and the vocab is much simpler imo.


    All Moomin books are originally in Swedish, which was Tove Jansson's native language.


    I would recommend the books about Alfons Åberg by Gunilla Bergström. In english the character is called Alfie Atkins and in german Willi Wiberg.

    It's also available as an animated cartoon.


    Thanks for the tip! Even tough I know very little words in Swedish, I can follow along really well with the subtitles turned on!


    I'm listening to a English-to-Swedish podcats, but I can't recall the name. There's also Martin, AKA SwedishLad. His videos on Swedish (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL045C994ACEB09236) might help.


    A good way to practice pronouciation is Google Translate, say a sentence and see if google gets it or not, and that way you know if you pronounce it good or not, maybe you have to speak more clearly and such as that.

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