"Kvinnan dricker en kopp kaffe."

Translation:The woman is drinking a cup of coffee.

November 18, 2014

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seriously, i mistaked women with woman and it failed me, die


Woman os one but women it's more than one


I always think of this from a spy's point of view for some reason


It reminds me to a "relaxing cup of café con leche in plaza mayor", a quote from the ex-mayor of Madrid. How embarrassing...


Is Swedish similar to Semitic languages where there is no "of"? This sentences says "The woman drinks a cup coffee" I was just wondering if it is natural in Swedish not to have "of" in a situation like this.


In some cases we have a word like of, which is av in Swedish. But for containers with content, more often we use med, which usually corresponds to with in English. So you could also say en kopp med kaffe. Av tends to be used more for things that are "constructed out of" something. Like, ett hjärta av sten = "a heart of stone". But, in general, we do use the of less. And of course it is often replaced by compound nouns as well.


Tack sa mycket, Arnauti :)


No, there is a word for "of", but you don't use it when talking about a cup of coffee, a bowl of cereal etc. The word is "av" and you can read when to use it here: http://blogs.transparent.com/swedish/the-many-uses-of-the-preposition-av/


when i go on the translator, it says something different for these sentences


"The woman is drinking" was wrong


I forgot so I just wrote "The girl drinks what"


How do you know when to use the 'i' spelling or the 'y' spelling of dricker (drycker)?


en dryck = 'a beverage', plural drycker = noun
dricker = 'drinks', 'is drinking' = verb


I wrote "The woman is drinking a cup of tea" and didn't get accepted even though in similar cases it didn't matter wheter I used one or the other. Is there a certain reason why it doesn't work here?


My awnser was correct but it didn't except it


Answer needs checking!


Mom, is that you?


I wonder how one might say:

"a coffee cup" as opposed to, for example, a teacup?

Would it be:... en kaffe kopp?


Pls explain the difference for drinks and is drinking.


Is "drycker" or "dricker" correct? I've typed "drycker" every time and been marked correct, but the one time I put an L instead of a K, it corrected it (annoyingly) as "dricker"


they both can be translated as 'drinks', but have different meanings.
drycker is the plural of dryck (noun, like in "I had two drinks").
dricker is the present tense of the verb dricka (as in " he drinks coffee in the morning)

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