"Le ho chiesto perché vivesse da sola."

Translation:I have asked her why she was living alone.

July 2, 2013

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What's wrong with "because" here instead of "why". Would that just be "vive da sola"?


yes, with "because" you would use the indicative form, "vive", not the subjunctive


So it seems the rule is that using "why" in this sentence requires using the subjunctive since the answer to why could be unknown. Whereas, "because" implies what follows because is the known answer


Could it not also be "I asked her because she lived alone"? As in - I was looking for a flatmate and I asked her because she lived alone. It was marked as a wrong answer, but I am interested to know if anyone thinks it might work as a sentence.


Yes, I would like to know too.


So since I’m struggling with this one let’s see what internet teaches us.

“Perché” can either require an indicative form or a subjunctive depending on the meaning.

I asked her why she was living alone- the “why” is asking for a reason here. It doesn’t explain the intention I asked her. So it should be indicative.

I asked her so that she lives alone - that sentence wouldn’t make much sense in English. The “why” would explain the intention of the reason I asked her. This one would require the subjunctive. But since it’s not like that can someone help me out with this please ?


Ok meanwhile I got it: Le ho chiesto is a question interrogativa / indirect and since it’s the past it needs the subjunctive.


Why is this not "le ho chiesta"?


Oh wait, I've got it - the past participle only agrees with direct objects, right? (Like in French?)


The rule about participle agreement regarding French (and Italian) participles is not quite that simple ...and the situation is even crazier because chiedere can be used in many different ways! Think of it like this:

Chiedere qualcosa

  • Ho chiesto una birra / L'ho chiestA
  • Ho chiesto tre cose / Le ho chiestE

Chiedere a qualcuno

  • Ho chiesto a voi / Vi ho chiesto
  • Hai chiesto a noi / Ci hai chiesto


Can it be "I asked her why did she live alone" instead of "why she was living alone"? I'm curious.


Why was she living alone or why she was living alone. What is the difference


Isn't "le" an indirect object? And if it is, what is it doing in this sentence?

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