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"Le ho chiesto perché vivesse da sola."

Translation:I have asked her why she was living alone.

July 2, 2013



What's wrong with "because" here instead of "why". Would that just be "vive da sola"?


yes, with "because" you would use the indicative form, "vive", not the subjunctive


Why is this not "le ho chiesta"?


Oh wait, I've got it - the past participle only agrees with direct objects, right? (Like in French?)


The rule about participle agreement regarding French (and Italian) participles is not quite that simple ...and the situation is even crazier because chiedere can be used in many different ways! Think of it like this:

Chiedere qualcosa

  • Ho chiesto una birra / L'ho chiestA
  • Ho chiesto tre cose / Le ho chiestE

Chiedere a qualcuno

  • Ho chiesto a voi / Vi ho chiesto
  • Hai chiesto a noi / Ci hai chiesto


Can it be "I asked her why did she live alone" instead of "why she was living alone"? I'm curious.

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