"They are girls."

Translation:De är flickor.

November 18, 2014

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"De" is pronounsed like dom?


Is tjejer another word for girls or am I mistaken?


You're absolutely right.


Are tjej and flicka the same? Say, would you use tjej to describe your daughter? Or a classmate? Or a stranger?


Yes, tjej is good for all those. 'Tjej' is a little bit more colloquial, it can be used for somewhat older 'girls' – only really old/oldfashioned people call a 20 yr old a flicka. Also, min tjej is 'my girlfriend', but we don't use flicka like that.


Well, technically, "flicka" is simply a maiden - an unmarried girl/woman of any age.

Furthermore, "min flicka" could actually be used to mean "my girlfriend", but that may be a bit old-fashioned. I think of soldiers who has to leave their girls, as the song goes: "Han sa till sin flicka: du, jag kommer igen".


I disagree about flicka being any unmarried woman, and min flicka for my girlfriend can definitely be found in older literature, but it's very old fashioned. I don't know anyone who says that.


If you want too say my girlfrind. Use min flickvän not min flicka


Can we use mar instead of the verb be? Wiktionary has two definitions, 1. may, must, 2. to feel (good or bad), to be (ill or well). So how are ar and mar intertwined?


mår is for feeling good or bad, mainly as in health. Like, jag mår bra, 'I am fine'.


I remember de as they coz "dey" "they" but what i mess up with is when i SAY it i always say dey xD then i remember it dom


But why not "Dom"? :( Gosh I'm so lost.


My "Complete Swedish" Kindle book goes through the various subject pronouns and states that "De" is the word for "they". It is pronounced "dåmm" in everyday language and sometimes written as "dom". Hope this helps.


Indeed, you write "de" but have to speak it as "dom"


Thanks. That helps :)


You could write 'dom' but as far as I know, it's mainly used for speech instead of writing.


Both my teachers failed to mention it, EVER. I didn't even know that "De" was a thing that existed :( Thanks.


I am confuzzled. How do I know when to put "De" or "Det"


Det is for things and de is when you're writing dem and when that person you are writing about is doing something


Question about umlauts: Does Swedish allow for ae to substitute for ä if you are deprived of umlauts with your current typing setup, as German does? And would å be typed ao or just o in this case?


You can't really substitute them. åäö are letters like any other in Swedish, they are not versions of any other letters. Unlike in German, they have their own place in and dictionaries and in the alphabet. When people don't have a Swedish keyboard, they sometimes write a and o, or sometimes aa, ae and oe, but there's no standard for how to do this.


how do i know when a word is plural or a word is singular? what is the difference between a plural and a singular word?


I thought 'de' was singular?


Nope, den/det are the singular forms.


Iam totally confused about år?where i can use it need help plz

  • år means "year".
  • är means "are" or "is" depending on the person.

They're both used much the same as in English.


Little bit confusing


Why it is de and not ni? Before someone said ni is plural? Isn't that prular (flickor means more than one girl)?

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