"He does not drink juice."

Translation:Han dricker inte juice.

November 18, 2014



I've always been told to spell 'juice' as 'jus' by my swedish friends... Am I crazy, or is this a mistake?

November 22, 2014


The Swedish Academy tried for a long time to make Swedes spell this word jos, but they failed and had to give up. Most Swedes hated this spelling. Nowadays, juice is the only spelling in the Svenska Akademiens ordbok, the standard spelling dictionary.

November 22, 2014


the hints told me to put han gor drycker inte juice so i put it in and i got it wrong

March 11, 2015


On a mouseover, all translations of that word will be shown regardless of context. Since language isn't about just learning new words, but learning how they work differently from your native language, the answer wasn't accepted because it doesn't make sense in Swedish.

October 29, 2015


Why must inte come after dricker?

April 27, 2016


The verb must go in second place in all main clauses (that are not questions) in Swedish. This is called the V2 rule.

May 5, 2016


You would say "He drinks not" rather than " He not drink."

September 27, 2019


I'm wondering how can we say "He's drinking not juice (but coffee)". Google translate gives the same translations as for "He's not drinking juice".

February 18, 2017


There are two ways to express this, and which you want depends on what you mean.

  • Han dricker inte juice, men kaffe = He does not drink juice as in he doesn't generally drink (or like) juice, but he does drink/like coffee
  • Han dricker inte juice, utan kaffe = That's not juice he's drinking - it's coffee, though
February 18, 2017


Drycker vs dricker? Is this a noun vs verb?

February 27, 2017


Correct - noun plural form vs verb present tense.

February 27, 2017


i put "han inte dricker juice" not the first time i've been called out for incorrect word order, is there some rule to follow?

August 1, 2019
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