November 18, 2014

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Is "Ja" supposed to sound a lot like "Jag", do they sound the same or do I just have hearing problems


They do sound similar but not the same if you say it like school book swedish. To make it even more confusing, in everyday talking you often pronounce 'Ja' (yes) as 'a' and 'Jag' (I) as 'ja'.


Sounds tough, Tack så mycket.


Het antwoord op je vraag is Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja.


het antwoord op je vraag is vies het antwoord op je vraag is smerig het antwoord op je vraag is ja ja ja ja ja

actually i am german but gotta enjoy this too as we "germanics" all say ja with english being the odd man out lol

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    XD just posted something similar before reading!

    Edit: not trying to siphon your likes btw

    P.S.: Ich Liebe Deutschland, weil es ist meine Lieblingsland und Lieblingssprache. (no offense to swedes or any English speakers or Americans who I probably just offended and I get it, it is blasphemy to say one country is better in my opinion just don't Yeet me out of the comments pls that would be great)


    English actually has "yeah" as a cognate to common Germanic "ja", buf they decided to add an "s" to make "yes" while "yeah" drifted from something like "yah" to "yeh". Too bad, English.

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      I find that in most germanic languages (except for English, it is weird), that "Yes" is "Ja" (j Is pronounced like y)


      Is the 'j' sometimes silent in this? I watch The Bridge (Swedish version), and they often seem to say what sounds like a short "ah" to mean yes. Is that like saying 'yeah' rather than 'yes' in English?


      Sometimes the j is silent. Giving it some thought, I probably say it like this most of the time.


      Yes, like @Chockrosa said, it is usually said like that in casual speech. Its the same word, its just pronounced differently.


      I pronouce it as a Y sometimes ya and Yag


      is there anyone who could explain me the differnt pronunciation of 'ja' & 'jag' ? because it sounds extremly similar to me...


      There usually is no difference :)
      Most often, jag is pronounced just the same as ja. Sometimes you can hear the g in jag, but in ordinary speech, you usually can't.


      I was about to ask the same :P thanks a lot. I'm guessing the exclamation point isn't necessary ask the time isn't it?


      I hold the a a little bit longer in jag and pronouce the g a little bit but maybe its just me


      Is there any problem with this pronunciation? Danish, Swedish, German "ja" and English "yes" have the same first consonant


      Wiktionary's IPA says so. But here is it somewhat different.


      Sometimes the Swedish j is a little bit ’stronger’ (it’s a fricative rather than an approximant in phonetic terms), then it’s similar to Spanish y. But it’s optional.


      The vowel also seems to be slightly different between Swedish and German; phonetically speaking, the Swedish a seems further back in the mouth ( /jɑ/ as opposed to /ja/ ).


      The vowel sound is different, yes.


      "Ja" is also "yes" in my language (Slovenian) and it's pronounced the same as in German. After listening to the recording a couple of times I've also noticed a slight difference. It's like there's some air released while pronouncing the "j" sound, or at least that's what it seems like to me. :/


      I suspect that it's more likely due to the technical imperfection, if wiktionary is correct.


      I've found another pronunciation on forvo.com by a female from Sweden: http://www.forvo.com/word/ja/


      Here are more: http://el.forvo.com/search/ja%20tack/sv/ It has both: "JA", "kan JAG få notan tack". They are almost the same since JAG is pronounced without G, but the vowel sound A is shorter than in JA. You can of course also pronounce JAG with the G sound in the end. Then the vowel A is longer.


      It sounds like "yo". I checked Google translate and it pronounces the same.


      I would not trust google translate too much it try some other websites too


      it is the same with german


      and dutch norwegian danish icelandic lol


      Correct! The only difference is the pronunciation can be slightly different, but it is correct.


      so, there's no difference in pronouncing "Ja" or "ah" ? can both of them be used in the same context? I had come to think that one says "ah" when asked a simple yes or no question, and "Ja" when the answer is affirmative but giving further information, but maybe that's just my idea. i.e.: -Are you OK? - ah -Are you hurt? - Ja, I hit my head.


      No difference really. Saying "ja" and "aa" both work fine in spoken Swedish. Always write it as "ja" though.


      Tack! You are.. Emil, right? Hard to remember your usernames!


      AH, pronounced AnswerHim, is only an interjection, expresses: astonishment, pain, ... like the English OH

      JA is pronounced YouAnswer or listen to: http://el.forvo.com/search/ja%20tack/sv/


      oh thanks!! but i didn't know how to write the phonetics. this is regarding a past comment when they say sometimes JA is pronounced like YA and some others like AH in casual speech. Actually I hear it as "Ah?" with a questioning tone. But thanks a lot, all the ones in the link pronounce it the same so I guess there is no big difference.


      I pronouce the J in jag as a Y

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        love that most germanic languages share this common word:

        Dutch: Ja German: Ja Swedish: Ja Danish: Ja Norwegian: Ja

        And English is like: YES


        What's a Germanic language without "ja."


        I hear "Jaw" or just i have hearing problems...well...


        Fun fact: Some northern swedes dont say "ja" for "yes" , they do whats called the "schwup" which literally sounds like they are sucking in air :) It's honestly my favorite thing lol

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