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"Eu tenho achado que ela está muito cansada."

Translation:I have found that she is very tired.

July 2, 2013



is boring not also an option instead of tired? the dictionary hint suggested it was, but the answer was not accepted. I think it sounds more natural too, I have found that she is very boring.


"Boring" would probably be "chata" used with the verb "ser". "Bored" (which is probably what you meant) means something slightly different as I think "cansada" signifies that she is worn out and weary even though she may or may not be bored with what she is doing. I get tired from studying Portuguese, but I'm not bored of it. I think "entediada" might be the word for "bored" in Portuguese.

A native Portuguese speaker will have to confirm though. If so, the suggestion may be incorrect.

Edit: According to wiktionary, the 3rd definition is "aborrecido" which seems to translate to "boring". Maybe if the verb is "ser", but I'm unsure.


You're right. Ficar entediado(a) is a good translation for "to get bored".


How would you say "she is boring" though? Could you use "casada"? Kind of like saying she makes me (and/or others) bored when we are with her (as pnehls is asking)?


That can be "ela é entediante/cansativa/exaustiva" (Ps: casadan= married).


I have thought that she is very tired? Would that be right too?

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