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  5. "Kungen jagar älgar i skogen."

"Kungen jagar älgar i skogen."

Translation:The king hunts moose in the forest.

November 18, 2014



That is one of the most Swedish sentances I've ever read.


i came here to say the exact same thing!!


My neighbour is from Germany and he actually grew up on this tiny Prussian island where the Swedish king would come to hunt boar. Until the Soviets came, of course.


Which island exactly?


Every time I put Meese, every time I get it wrong :(


Is there a different word for woods and forest? There is some definite overlap in English mainly based on size.


Coming from Canada and now living in Sweden, I'm so glad to see "älg" referring to mainly moose and not elk.

I'll never forget how confusing it was trying to explain the difference between elk and moose to my friend in Austria because in German "elch" refers to both moose and elk, but an emphasis more on elk as neither animals live in the region.

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