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  5. "En krabba och en sköldpadda"

"En krabba och en sköldpadda"

Translation:A crab and a turtle

November 18, 2014



Is skoldpadda supposed to sound like holdpadda?


What 08_15 said.

I would like to add that the first "d" is sometimes not pronounced at all, some people would say something like "sköllpadda" :-D

(I just asked my husband, who says "sköllpadda" and a friend who wants to keep the "d", so both would be OK, even though the voice here pronounces it a lot more distinctly than most people would) :-D


So Gealache24, your comment suggests that your husband and his friend are native speakers.Just wondering.


What language should 'holdpadda' be pronounced in? If it's supposed to be Swedish, the answer is no.

The SK-sound in sköldpadda is the same (or similar) sound as the CH sound in LOCH NESS.

The robovoice pronounces it correctly, but if you just want to listen to just that one word, then see here: http://www.forvo.com/word/sk%C3%B6ldpadda/#sv


It's not really the same. The "ch" is "Loch Ness" is usually a velar fricative, also present in the German "einfach," for example. The "sj" or "sk" sound in Swedish is really unique to the language and sounds almost like a "hw" sound, although that's not what it is.


mostly I hear "felpadda"


The "sk" sounds like an "f" to me. Sometimes f and h are pronounced similarly.


"... walk into a bar."


Does 'sköldpadda' really mean both turtle and tortoise? I get annoyed with people mixing the two up in English... And if somebody asks me to look after their sköldpadda, how will I know whether to fill the bath or not?


Yes, it does. If you want to be specific, you can say landsköldpadda and havssköldpadda.


Tack! Elsewhere, Arnauti has given 'vattensköldpadda' as an option - is 'havssköldpadda' strictly for sea turtles? So it wouldn't apply to a freshwater terrapin, for instance?


Good point. Yes, vattensköldpadda is good too. I'm not knowledgeable enough to tell if there's an important difference here though.


The first thing I think of is the original Mario Bros.


This comment section confuses the hell out of me... like... omg... o.o


What about "krabba", is the 'r' pronounced with the tip of the tongue?


I got it right!!!!!


Some Swedish words are similar to English, and others are just like... what the frick?


Why did this green owl Duo wrong me?

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