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Pronunciation of bröd

Firstly, thanks for making this work! It looks great so far.

I got stuck trying to pronounce bröd. I'm not sure if my problem is with the r or the ö. I've looked up discussions on the pronunciation of r and ö individually, but when I try to put those together it just isn't coming out right. I haven't been able to manage any better than a poor pronunciation of "blood."

Does anyone have any thoughts/tips? Thanks!

November 18, 2014



First of all, try to learn all of the individual sounds seperately. Make sure you can say B, R, Ö, and D. At this point, you are probably having a problem with either R or Ö just like you explained in your post.

I don't know what your native language is but English speakers often have a problem with both the R and the Ö in my experience. If you can't do a rolling R, you are just going to have to practice that a lot and regarding the Ö, it's also very tough since there is no real English equivalent.

Say "burn" in English really slow. That is pretty close to the sound of Ö.

Also the Forvo link posted here will probably be a great help.


I can't tell you how to pronounce it, but listen to these three recordings, maybe you'll eventually be able to copy it: http://www.forvo.com/word/br%C3%B6d/#sv

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