"Hon är en kvinna."

Translation:She is a woman.

November 18, 2014

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she is not a woman, obviously she is a pokemon.


Huh. From the sound it sounds different, but then again most languages do. I enjoy this.


I love this opportunity!! They say the 3rd language is the easiest... But I'm not sure yet... Swedish is seeming pretty difficult!


Hang in there, you will get the hang of it. If you want to hear it spoken in everyday talk you could check out sr(dot)se which is the swedish national radio online and svt(dot)se which is the swedish national tv-station online. Good luck!


And rent Swedish films which have the added benefits of subtitles and reverse/backup/repeat!


Thanks for sharing


How do you pronounce kvinna


Kveen-nah, but with very short vowels and very long 'n'. Equal stress on both syllables.


I can't understand the concept of equal stress


You're not alone... :-) Some people live in Sweden for 50 years without learning or understanding it, whereas some grasp it within a couple of days.

Most of the "big western languages" like English, German, Spanish and French mainly stress 1 syllable in each word. Well - I'll try to explain it with that as a base of knowledge.

Let's use the English word "window" as an example. Normally it's pronounced with stress on the first syllable (WINdow). Try moving it to the last syllable (winDOW). What happens? Well - not much, but it feels odd and the "win" part of the word seems to be too short. Try making the "win" part slightly longer while keeping the stress on "dow" (wiinDOW). Wierd, and doesn't really work (but you need to try it to understand).

Now try thinking of "window" as the two words "win" and "doe". Imagine someone standing at an 19th century fair crying out "Win a doe", and think of what it would sound like from afar... "Win Doe". Try it a couple of times, and say it slightly faster each time. This is the word "window" with equal stress (i.e. not an English word anymore, but fairly close to the Norwegian "vindue" meaning the same thing).

Now try the same thing with the two words "kveenn" and "nah". Try making the 'ee' sound on the first word quick and the 'n' sound long. After a while you will end up saying the Swedish word "kvinna" with equal stress, just the way it's supposed to be.


that's a very useful explanation - diolch


Thank you, I'll definitely try my best!


Do you pronounce a rolling "r" as in Russian/Spanish or is it glottal as in French?


tfw all people do is argue about these simple basic swedish lessons(literally in the basic


Can anyone tell me what is the appropriate way to pronounce "hon" ? Is the "h" silent or pronounced?


The h is never silent in Swedish.


I had "she is a woman" and it counts it as wrong.. :( because of the capitalized S


Really? It shouldn't count capitalization as an error of any kind in our course.


Wats wrng she is a women ....jag är en kvinna ... 4rom Ahka


womEn is the plural form, the singular form is womAn.


Hon dölja som en barn, men hon är alltid en kvinna til mig~ (Probably wrong, but whatever.)


What did you mean to write? Because that's "She hide like a (wrong pronoun; should be "ett") child, but she is always a woman to (misspelled; "till") me."


It's a Billy Joel lyric. :)

She hides like a child but she's always a woman to me

A correct translation would be e.g.

Hon gömmer sig som ett barn, men hon är alltid en kvinna för mig


No, that would be "Hon är en kvinnor", which doesn't make sense (not in Swedish, and not in English). How could someone possibly be one and many at the same time?


It's quite common for non-natives to think that "woman" is spelt "women", so that's probably just it. :)

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    Kvinna(How this spell?-like Sinna!)


    I'm sorry, I don't quite follow. Is that a question?


    can 'är' mean 'am' and 'is'


    Yes. Swedish uses the same word form for you, me, him, her, us, them, etc. Everyone is är. The same pattern goes for all verbs, so at least that part's really easy with Swedish. :)


    I can't hear 'hon' in the beginning


    I seem to have technical issues? I tap and get instantly the message that "that didn't sound right", although I didn't start speaking?


    I would honestly suggest turning the microphone option off. It's notoriously bad.


    i wrote "She is a women" but it said it was incorrect

    • woman = one
    • women = more than one


    Sorry but I hear 'kvinna' as "cleaner" in non-rhotic English.

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