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  5. "Jag äter ris."

"Jag äter ris."

Translation:I eat rice.

November 18, 2014



So, the slowed-down version of this pronounces the g at the end of "jag" (and the a also seems to shift down almost to jå) as opposed to the normal speed version, which sounds to me like "yayetter ees". Are there any situations where the g is pronounced as a hard g, or is this an error due to the insertion (I assume) or full stops into the TTS engine?


In the word (jag) the "g" at the end sometimes it's pronounced and sometimes it isn't like basically there is no difference on how you say it if you talk fastly you say (ja äter ris) but if talk normally like a bit slow you say (jag äter ris) but still both of them are correct


Thank you. I was confused about that.


Text to Speech = generic term for the bots that produce all the spoken samples


Wanna know too!


How would you exactly pronounce ater ? It sounds like a-re-te.



Note that äter ends in r and ris begins with r so just one r is pronounced, i.e., there's no pause between the words.


Would 'I am eating rice' and 'I eat rice' be written in the same way? Does it just depend on context?


How exactly to pronounce ä?

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