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"The angels are singing in heaven."

Translation:Änglarna sjunger i himlen.

November 18, 2014



"himmelen" is also a correct spelling for "Heaven". Possibly a bit more old-fashioned, nevertheless correct.


Yeah, I've sent a report too. Not sure how to report these things, as when I click report I can't write something if I pick one of the available choice (unless I click other). I'm learning how this works :)


look at "help" button below for reporting an issue


I know you're being helpful, but that comment is over four years old - and the suggested spelling has been accepted all along. :)


Unfortunately, you can't see the age of the comment when using the app.

(My comment might be a case in point.)


Yes, that is really a shame. I hope they'll fix that eventually. But I'm not trying to tell Patti off, just relaying information.

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