"hon och han"

Translation:she and he

November 18, 2014



In pronouncing "och", can you also say "ock" (so pronouncing a k in the end)?

November 18, 2014


Yes, but most of the time when people talk, they pronounce it å

November 18, 2014


Yes. The -ck suffix is making the vowel before short, as with every double consonant.

Some examples: hoppa (to jump) titta (to look) kunna (to know)

In Norwegian and Danish, they actually use -kk instead, which makes more sense. "Och" has been pronounced more with a German g back in the days, but is today the only word in Swedish that is spelled with a -ch but pronounced -ck. It's kinda weird that we've kept the spelling, because the word också (also; as well) is spelled with ck and those two words are definitely related.

November 19, 2014


I just screamed "WHAT!" at my computer. Geesh her pronunciation was fast.

November 22, 2014
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