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Does the Placement Test Work?

Hejsan allihopa! Thanks, so much for the Swedish team, this is amazing. Small question... does the placement exam work for everyone? I tried it twice and it doesn't seem to take me to my level; just back to the initial choice. It also changes a lot :) I was better in the first one.

November 18, 2014



I think there's a bug. I had to do the test twice before it registered. We are aware of this issue.

[deactivated user]

    It worked for me :) Maybe you could try again later..


    It didn't work for me in Chrome, but worked fine in Firefox. Perhaps try another browser or computer.


    Well.. it was Chrome, yeah! Thanks, for pointing this out.


    I believe this issue is fixed now. If anyone still has problems with the placement test freezing, please report it to us.


    I just took the placement test using Chrome on Mac OS and when I got back to the main screen I was offered to take it again. So I still have problem with it.


    …and when I took it the second time on the same browser it worked so there are likely some kind of intermittent problem.

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