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Irish Courses in Ireland

Hi all!

I need some advice on furthering my Irish language education. I'm going to Ireland next year and I'd like to do a class a week or two long in a Gaeltacht. I'm thinking early May.

Just wondering if anyone who had done this before, or any natives, could point me to a good school.

Go raibh maith agat in advance.

November 18, 2014



It really depends on which dialect you're interested in. I'm rather partial to the Ulster one, and there's a school in Donegal called Oideas Gael (http://www.oideas-gael.com/en/irish-courses/) that does one- and two- week courses. I have a friend who went and really enjoyed it.


Oideas Gael is great. I know several people who've gone and know one who works there. They all absolutely love it. It's great for shorter time periods, and Ulster Irish. There's also one in Connemara that lasts a month. I can give y'all that link if you'd like.


Thanks so much, both of you! I'd love to take a look at the month-long course :)


Corcha Dhuibhne or Ceann TrĂ¡

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