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Swedish is awesome. Tack!

Thanks for publishing Swedish in beta. I am really enjoying learning the language. I find it quite easy (Easier than Spanish) because there is no masculine and feminine, only common and neuter. Because I am the only one in my family to not know 3 languages It feels weird not understanding what they say in Spanish or Swedish so I'm learning the languages to connect with my family. So I'm going to buy ABBA in Swedish and put it on in my Imaginary Volvo whilst learning Swedish on my Laptop.

Finally, I had done a survey with my family asking how did they learn a language. They said by watching The TV in that language (I'm serious)! So I shall watch all my films in Swedish. Please state some Swedish films and music that you like and I will have a little look at them.

Thanks to the contributors again. I'm sorry I cannot properly express how much making this course means to me virtually.

November 18, 2014



Great and all, but a language using masculine and feminine vs neuter and common is basically the same thing. Two different genders for each noun.


And apparently you can't even fall back on word endings like you can in Spanish?

Augh gender sucks.


"Fall back"? What do you mean with that?


Oh, it's an English idiom, sorry. I mean like you can't look at the word endings and make a good guess about gender. In Spanish, words that end in -a are likely to be feminine and words that end in -o are likely to be masculine. There are more masculine or feminine endings than that and also words that don't fit those rules. In general, there's a rule and you can use it to guide you.

Is there a rule like that for Swedish? I've only finished Basics I & II.


I subscribe to the theory that at the start it doesn't matter if it's a Swedish show or if it's a foreign show that's been dubbed to Swedish.

It might not be perfect, but if you'll muddle through a movie because you've seen it before and the DVD on your shelf has a Swedish option then that's a lot better than watching five minutes of a proper Swedish show that you give up on because you've no idea what's happening.

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