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  5. "Pojkarna läser breven."

"Pojkarna läser breven."

Translation:The boys are reading the letters.

November 18, 2014



how do you know it is the letters and not the letter?


The letter (singular) is "brevet".

All -et words that end in a consonant follow the following declension pattern:

  • ett [brev] -- a letter
  • [brev]et -- the letter
  • [brev] -- letters
  • [brev]en -- the letters


that's a great example!

[deactivated user]

    thank you soo much have a lingot


    So just checking: 'the letters' is 'breven' - Would 'letters' (just letters in general, not specific letters) be 'brev'?


    And what about apples? Is the pattern different or what?


    The general pattern for ett words is different if it ends in a vowel.

    Ends in a consonant:
    a letter: ett brev
    several letters: flera brev (the same)
    the letter: brevet (-et)
    the letters: breven (-en)

    Ends in a vowel:
    an apple: ett äpple
    several apples: flera äpplen (-n)
    the apple: äpplet (-t)
    the apples: äpplena (-na)


    Sorry for the late reply - thank you for your help!


    Why can't the translation be "boys read letters?", letters being indefinite plural here?


    Most definite plural endings (I think for most en-words) have -na on the end, so it goes: pojke- boy pojkar- boys pojkarna- the boys


    how do we make the plural definite :(


    Just add "en". That makes the plural definite for all 'ett' words that end in a consonant. (ett brev, brev, brevet, breven)


    Breven - the letters. Brevet - the letter.


    please can you fix the audio? I'm losing lots of points because it doesn't work and I have to click skip to go ahead! :(


    Interesting you should say that; I got an error message here saying that my Flash had a problem or something, and suggesting that I reload the page. Reloading the page took care of it. But maybe, if you're having problems here, too, it's a bug. If you haven't managed to get the audio to work, you can send a bug report.


    it sounds like she's saying poykana. in norwegian they seem to emphasize the r roll but not swedish? is it poykarrna or poykana


    Yes. This tripped me up.


    When I've typed something wrong, the red correction covers what I've typed so I can't see where I've gone wrong...


    Yes. It seems sometimes it shows me the right answer but not always I agree. Then you cannot learn from the mistake.

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