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I give up. I've been defated by the time zone bug

I'm letting go of trying to maintain a streak. At 45 days I've now used at least 5 streak freezes simply because my streak resets at somewhere between 11am and 1pm in Europe about 10-12 hours off from my home time zone depending on where I am.

If I could have changed my time zone when I moved from Hawaii to Europe it'd have been no problem. I would NEVER once had used up a streak freeze.

I'm just too sick and tired playing games. Maintaining a streak was fun once, but it's not fun anymore.

November 18, 2014



Now that you have the hours left shown with the Coach feature, doesn't it make planning easier when moving to other time zones. I thought this may at least remove the ambiguity many people faced about the actual time when the day ends on Duo when they are in a different time zone from the one in which the account was created.


I haven't tried coach. When I first heard about it a month ago and looked at the discussion forums it sounded like it was wiping out streaks left and right so I was afraid to have even more problems.

That said, after losing my streak several times I at least discovered WHEN it reset and learned to do the time conversion. The problem remains that for me I have to remember if yesterday I practiced before or after 11a/12p/1pm or log in to DL when I first wake up in the morning to see if I still have a check... often I'm just too busy early in the morning to remember and I find myself screwed at lunch.

I'll look at coach though and appreciate the suggestion.

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