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"Do not take the most expensive couch of all!"

Translation:Ta inte den allra dyraste soffan!

November 18, 2014



Can anbody explain why the sentence is written in english as, "take not the of all the most expensive the couch!"

I get the it up to ta inte den, then I'm lost. (Meaning I know why soffa has the suffix -n too.)


den dyraste soffan is 'the most expensive couch'
den allra dyraste soffan is 'the most expensive couch of all' (like, of all the couches in the furniture store or something)
allra is like an extra step in the comparison stairway:
bra - bättre - bäst - allra bäst
good - better - best - best of all (or in this case, you have a similar expression in English: 'the very best').
Hope this helps.


I just noticed this since I got it wrong, but

allra is like an extra step in the comparison stairway: bra - bättre - bäst - allra bäst

That is a flawed way of looking at it, you cannot be better than best, "allra" is more equivalent to "of all" so "Allra bäst" would equate to "Best of all" sure, but as far as a the Swedish language goes, there is no difference between "Den dyraste soffan" och "Den allra dyraste soffan" they both point to the same sofa and can be used interchangeably.

This is one of those words that isn't necessarily needed in most cases where people use it, as the sofa case from this question.

This is a sentence where it is used to reflect something that could be said in another way but is stated using allra: "Både jag och Johanna springer fortare än de flesta, men i vår klass är Jonas den allra snabbaste."

But even in that sentence you could cut allra and it would still have the same meaning, it's more or less a redundant word.


It appears that allra is used with the superlative to emphasize the superlative, such as den allra bästa = the very best; or de allra flesta = the great majority. In French, creme de la creme means the best of the best. I suspect this is how allra is used in Swedish.


Jag förstår nu, och din information, jag har lärt mig det alla i din kurs! Oh!!!!!! Arnauti!, jag har en svenska högtalare kommer till mitt hus för en vecka jag tycker, så när han kommer, jag får en hel vecka till öva min svenska med en människa, någon som inte är rösten på Duolingo! (Det är inte en dålig röst, men, jag behöver en människa till pratar till, därför datorar vänligt pratar tillbaka inte, så.... Jag hoppade min svensak är bättra efter sitt resan till mig!


Jag är ledsen för mina misstag


Lycka till! :)


Can "allra" mean "overall"?


Accepted: Ta inte den dyraste soffan av alla.

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