"The girl reads a letter."

Translation:Flickan läser ett brev.

November 18, 2014



What the difference between brev and bokstav? The first time I did this one it told me I was wrong for using brev.

July 7, 2017


Apparently bokstav is a letter in the alphabet, whilst brev is a letter you send. Googled it but ran into same issue.

November 3, 2017


Difference between en and ett?

January 9, 2015


Every Swedish noun is either an en-word or an ett-word. You will have to learn which is which word by word. It's comparable to how French has le and la words, for example.

January 9, 2015


it's comparable but not a masculine/feminine situation?

November 19, 2015


Exactly. We used to have 3 genders historically: masculine, feminine and neuter. (long ago) But then the masculine and feminine melted together and formed what is now the common gender (the en words).

November 19, 2015


interesting, thank you

November 19, 2015


Thank you, I was really confused about that too!

May 1, 2015


All Swedish words are divided into two groups: en-words (or utrum) and ett-words (or neutrum). Unfortunately, you cannot know to which group a certain word belongs but there are some tips to have a greater chance of guessing right.

Most words are en-words Most words designating a person are en-words ¹ Have a look at the ending, many endings take the same article (e.g. –a² , –ing and –het are always en-words) ¹ One common exception is ett barn a child ² The only exceptions are ett öga, ett öra and ett hjärta.

January 20, 2016


Ett öga, öra, hjärta... what do they mean?

March 17, 2016


An eye , ear , heart

March 30, 2016


Why tjejen for 'girl' and not flickor?

August 6, 2017


Difference between flickan and flicka?

November 27, 2016


'the girl' vs 'girl'

November 27, 2016


I'm having a really hard time saying "läser". I'm trying to say the english word "laser" (lahyz-er)but with an s sound instead of a z sound. Is that more or less correct? I feel like its wrong...

February 9, 2017


Im told (by my swedish boyfriend) that its more like LEY-SEHR

June 22, 2017


Cannot find tjejen in the Swedish dictionary

September 1, 2018


Why doesn't this accept it when i write tjejen instead of flickan?

October 25, 2018
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