"Gränsen mellan Sverige och Finland."

Translation:The border between Sweden and Finland.

November 18, 2014

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Fun fact; the border follows a river. In some places you could just walk across.


At least in the winter time when the river is frozen. Otherwise, you have to swim.


Same for Germany and Poland, Germany and France (I think), and Poland and Czechia. Many borders follow running rivers, and so... Yeah, unless there are fences or walls (viz. the US), you could likely cross many countries with ease, even when they have no open-border agreements. :-)


Just a little question, what is up with Finland and Sweden? it seems like they are best friends or something cause I haven't seen anything about Norway or Denmark and they are a lot closer with languages.


Finland once was a part of Sweden and there is a Swedish speaking minority in Finland.


Doesn't mean we're friends tho... :D


Reminds me of Rammstein's »Haifisch« (as they have been thrown into the comments in a different sentence of this lecture already):

Wir halten—zusammen | Wir halten einander aus.

(We stand together | We endure one another) Does this sum up the relationship between Sweden and Finland/East Sweden? :D

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