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Empty slots in the incubator!

There are currently 11 courses in phase 1. Not so long ago there were 14. Hopefully this means that we'll see some new additions soon! Maybe as a gift for new year? Who knows. What are your bets on?

I know this topic is already turning into beating a dead horse, but it's so exciting every time.

November 18, 2014



I'm just hoping that the Russian for English will advance a little bit come New Years.

Esperanto looks like it'll be finished sooner than we think.


Spanisch for Germans would also be a highly anticipated course.


Instead of new languages what I'm hoping for is addons/improvements to already existing languages (like the original 5) with improvements like more sentence variety, more accepted translations, and even new skills added on if they can so we can get further into a language using DL alone. My bets are on Norwegian, Indonesian and/or Greek.


There's not really any reason for new courses to be put on hold so that existing courses can be improved. The volunteer course contributor teams work independently of one another. It's not as if Norwegian experts are going to be able to help improve Italian course. Unlike new courses, existing courses take little in the way of developer involvement. This is why Duolingo constrains the number of new courses in Phase 1 at any given time, not because of a lack of qualified, volunteer language experts.



GREEK! If not Greek, Finnish. If not Finnish, Esperanto in beta. ;)


For English speakers, probably Norwegian, Finnish or Czech if the team isn't too busy with the reverse course. For learners of English, probably Hebrew or Farsi. And for courses between existing languages, Spanish for Italian or Dutch <-> French has to be one of the next ones.


I'd love a Dutch to French course as I've almost finished my Dutch tree and the other language I'm really into at the moment is French. :)


Improvements to existing courses would be good. 10 quality courses is better than 100 buggy ones. But also, phase two has 22 courses, twice what phase one has. Duo might focus on stabilizing those before adding new to the mix.


I seem to remember us all voting for Latin, come on guys, Latin?


Seeing Amharic in the incubator would be the best thing! That's gonna take a while though... :(


Salam. I thought the same thing about Ki Swahili, and agreed with KB in wishing for more add ons/improvements to existing languages. Spanish for English speakers would be cool with stuff like por/para, irregular verbs activities; types-of-Spanish comparison maybe through better song libraries, lyrics translation challenges; culture immersion discussions, more differences and likes comparisons....


Still hoping for Catalan for Spanish speakers


I'm hoping for Finnish, Norwegian and Icelandic so we'll have all the languages of the Nordic countries! The former two especially seem logical choices, and there is evidently demand for them. Apart from that, I'm hoping for more Celtic languages (I'd love Welsh and Breton!), Greek, Latin, and maybe some non-Indo-European ones (Basque would be interesting)? Improving existing courses is also a good idea, or possibly adding to the tree (Advanced French/German/Spanish/..?)


How about Arabic? It is a major language, although I think Norwegian would be cool, too.


I would LOVE arabic! And Chinese, I am my third year of Chinese language classes though, so I already know some.


German for French, because then I could practise both languages at the same time ;)


It would be super cool if they did Welsh for English speakers!


Seeing as the Chinese to English course is now in phase 2, putting the reverse course in phase 1 would be cool.


I think it's all based on which qualified people come to duolingo in efforts to start an incubator. I hope that a Latin speaker makes an effort.


Latin, Greek (modern or ancient) or Finnish please! It would be nice to see a boost in progress by some of the current phase 1 teams though...


I'm hoping for some more courses for Spanish speakers so I can do more laddering. :)


I would like to see Esperanto for English Speakers because I am interested in the language and can already count from 0 to 10


dek unu. Now you can count to 11! :-D


Haha! :D I bet it's very logical! How do you count to ten?


nulo, unu, du, tri, kvar, kvin, ses, sep, ok, naŭ, dek


I would love to see Swahili, Indonesian, or Finnish...


Scotish,Welsh,Albanian,Bosnian,Greek,Arabic,Finnish,Norwegian,Chinese,Korean or Japanese


Welsh - check, Greek - check, Norwegian - check. Not bad.


Japanese-check, Korean - check, Chinese - check, Arabic - almost check, and of course, Czech - check! :)


I think they will add Finnish and Norwegian, maybe Serbian and why not something like Japanese, Arabic or Thaï ? I am positive for Finnish and Norwegian !


Well you got Norwegian right.


Finnish is, of course, the natural replacement for the vacancy left by Swedish. Obviously I'm not biased at all :P


I wish I could upvote you more than once for that. :D


Well, I'll just have to add another upvote :D I want Finnish now too! :D


Me too! Finnish is AWESOME! :D


I don't have a particular interest in learning Finnish, but if the great writer Tolkien talks about Finnish as if "entering a complete wine-cellar filled with bottles of an amazing wine of a kind and flavour never tasted before" it must be so :P


He was in love with Finnish, it was his inspiration to create Quenya, and I love both :')


Hopefully there will be the opportunity for the Duolingo community to taste that amazing wine :D


Upvoting so Moomingirl will stop mentioning it. ;)


I'm not going to stop mentioning it until it enters the incubator, gets released, and I have finished the tree. :P


you mean until you have finnished the tree


The agony--a doggedly determined New Zealander. :P


You've got to be determined when you are in love with Finnish. :P

And I've been here for a long time now, but I still don't think of myself as a New Zealander. I'm in my own little world. ;)


A doggedly determined own-little-worlder. :P




I NEED it :P and Welsh would be great too.


Albanian, Bosnian, Chinese and preferably ASL or any type of SL.


Most of all, I'd love to see an Asian language other than Turkish on here. Either that or another Uralic or Celtic language.


Does the incubator actually have a limited capacity?

If it does I hope one of them would spanish for german soon. Would make sense since the reverse is already nearing the end of beta I think.


Does the incubator actually have a limited capacity?

Theoretically, there's not much of a limit in terms of what the system can handle, but there are a few very important practical limits. First, new courses still require significant staff involvement to work through issues that arise with each course, and as we all know, Duo has finite staff resources. Additionally, each new language requires either licensing a TTS engine to use with the course or paying voice actors to produce quality recordings (something the Irish course is still struggling with, apparently). Both of these options have a considerable expense associated with them, so Duo has to give some thought to how they prioritize which languages they'll add. That's why I'll be relatively surprised if we see more "low utility" languages like Irish or Esperanto added in the near future. Finally, they constrain the number of new courses to ensure that what's being produced is of decent quality. To paraphrase something I heard an artisanal salami maker say a few years ago, you can only make so much salami and still do it well.


If there is ever a BENGALI course for English speakers, I think I might be able to contribute a little (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bengali_language). It is the sixth largest language in the world in terms of number of speakers.

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