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Levels showing up inaccurately in discussions

I've noticed recently (over the last week or so, I guess, I haven't paid close attention) that my levels have a different value when I comment in the forums than they do when I look at my profile.

When I'm set up to learn Spanish from English, I have level 23 Spanish.

When I'm set up to learn French from Spanish, I have level 20 French (just earned it this morning, go me!!!)

Earlier today I made a comment and they showed up as level 2 Spanish and level 6 French.

I don't really care, as it's not affecting whether or not I learn, or what is accessible to me in my trees, but I thought it was odd. Can anyone shed any light on why this is happening?

November 18, 2014



Hey, it's the same with my levels. Sometimes they change from post to post. I thought that was because I switch the base language frequently.


I have been switching my base language a bit recently. Maybe that's it. It's odd that when my base language is English it shows my highest skill in both of my languages, but when my base language is Spanish it picks those other levels, seemingly at random.

Nice to know I'm not alone :)


Yes, I had noticed something similar before. My level of English (from Spanish) is 11, but it says I'm level 6 (which is my level of English from French). I'm logged in Duolingo (Spanish).


See! This is what I mean! My levels change within posts :S.


Yeah, I've been noticing this as well.


Learning one of the same languages from two seperate languages does not affect the common target language anymore each one has its own seperate status now. If I am English I will only see the side where you are learning from english not the side where you are learning from french. Therefore if you have level 6 in spanish and you learning from english that is all I will see. As opposed to the level 21 in spanish that I will not see due to the fact you are learning from french and I am not learning from french.


So I have three levels:
Spanish from English, 23
French from English, 1
French from Spanish, 20

Where do the 6 (French) and 2 (Spanish) come from?
They show up in the discussion forums whether I have my "from" language set to English or Spanish.


Okay, this is weird. I see the main post with French: 6 and Spanish:2 but my comment above shows Spanish:23 and French:20

Which is bizarre because I don't have 23 and 20 from any single source language.

I'm set for "French from Spanish" as I post this. Going to change it and post again...


Now I'm set up for "Spanish from English" and my original post and all my comments show 23 Spanish and 20 French.


Now I'm "French from Spanish" and everything is still 23/20. Glad I did a screen shot or I'd think I was going crazy. Just not going to worry about it.


Well, all your posts here show 6 in French and 2 in Spanish, at least to me.


Yup, they're back to 6 and 2 for me also. It's nuts.


I have the same thing. I'm on level 12 for French and Spanish, but that doesn't show. The other languages seem to be ok.


So of course now it shows up accurately!


Nop, they don't...


That's funny. When I posted that last comment it was accurate. And it changed. What's with that???


Well at least I am not alone in my insanity. FWIW I see you have 6 for Spanish and 3 for French. Crazy.


This is happening to me, three years after your posting, nor my streak is appearing

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