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  5. "An chógaslann."

"An chógaslann."

Translation:The pharmacy.

November 18, 2014



Is this term replacing siopa poitigéara?


It’s likelier to be a synonym than a replacement. (Another possibility is an chógaisíocht.)


Cógaisíocht is the science of pharmacy, not a pharmacist's shop. But you are right in that cógaslann is a synonym of siopa poitigéara. Cógas means a drug.


Thanks for the correction. (“Pharmacy” as a pharmacist’s shop is a feature of US English; I don’t know if “the chemist’s” as a pharmacist’s shop is a feature of IE English.)


We would usually say 'chemist' but 'pharmacy' is also in use.


In my experience, people in Ireland often refer to "go to the chemist" or "the chemists", and refer to the person who owns/manages the shop as "the chemist", just as they would buy their meat at "the butcher", or "the butchers".

But the norm nowadays is that the sign over "the Chemist's shop" says "Pharmacy".


I know that in the UK, strictly, "the chemist's (shop)" is correct, but in England (and Ireland) people usually say "the chemist" without the apostrophe S. So I expected my answer - "the chemist" - to be accepted. Nah. "The chemist's".


the audio is not working

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