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"Fåglarna flyger över renarna."

Translation:The birds fly over the reindeer.

November 18, 2014



Somewhere over the reindeer...


That was what I came here to say!


why then, oh why, can't I?


Is "reindeers" the correct english plural for "reindeer"? I would say "deer" as plural for "deer" also, but that could be a regional thing.


I have never heard "reindeers" from a native speaker. I have always heard and said "reindeer", just as "deer". I wouldn't consider "reindeers" correct.


I'm a native English speaker (England) and my thiught is that peopld would generally view 'reindeers' to be incorrect.


I'm from the UK and the correct word would be "reindeer" without the S. But some native English speakers here say "reindeers" which is not correct, but everyone understands what they mean.


Reindeers feels more correct where I'm from here in the UK. The recent Disney film 'Frozen' has one of its songs "Reindeer(s) are better than people" constantly use reindeers as plural.

[deactivated user]

    I'm a native English speaker (New York) and have never heard reindeer with an S on the end.


    I'm a native English speaker as well, and having lived in every region of the United States I can say that I have never heard anyone say reindeer with an 's, except for small children who are quickly corrected by an adult.


    I had no idea, and that genuinely surprises me. To help readers, I'm Canadian.


    Seriously? I was born in Canada, but immigrated to the USA (California) when I was just 3. I've never heard any English speaking American or Canadian say "reindeers." - Ha!


    The "reindeers" in the Frozen song isn't supposed to be correct English.


    Many sources say "plural same or reindeers", e.g. here http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/reindeer
    We've changed the main translation to reindeer.


    Though I can see why you would do that if reindeer is used more often for plural, I still disagree as the -s on the end emphasises that the reindeers is plural. Whilst learning questions, one of the phrases "vart går du?" (where are you going?) explicitly has "where are you going to?" as the main translation to emphasise the point, despite English rarely ending the question with to.


    "Reindeer" is used for both singular and plural in English. For example, the song verse, "Up on the rooftop, reindeer pause. Out jumps good ol' Santa Claus" refers to all of Santa's reindeer flying along with the sleigh at Christmas time.


    how about reindeer paws?


    No, reindeers is not a word. Reindeer is both singular and plural.


    Birds fly over the reindeer, why then, oh why can't I?


    I never use the word reindeer unless we are discussing Santa lol.


    Reindeer herding is however a common economic activity of many Sami people in northern Sweden.


    This is such a lovely image :)


    always get fa'glarna och ankorna mixed up :(


    I mixed it up with frågorna... I thought, well, questions flying over your head makes sense...


    nooooo why did you say that, now i'll mix that up too!


    It's cool how some Swedish prepositions look just like their English counterparts!


    Över sound like a posh English person is speaking over. Makes me laugh every time


    why is the bird is flying over the reindeer wrong


    It is "birds", plural. You could say "The birds are flying over the reindeer." :)


    Can anyone assist by explaining how to pronounce "Över". I'm trying to imitate it and I just end up distorting my mouth into random shapes and messing it up.


    I saw on another discussion the way to pronounce ö is to shape your mouth like you're going to say O, but then say Eh. Works for me, though I'm still having trouble merging it into words.


    If it helps, imagine that you're using the vowel in the English exclamation of disgust "ugh" when trying to produce the ö sound. It might not be exactly the same sound depending on your dialect, but it should be somewhat close. If your dialect uses a different vowel in "ugh" than mine does, it might not work, but it's worth a try.


    The word över is gonna be hard to remember (just kidding)


    hej hej, Värför svaret "The birds fly on top of the reindeer" är felaktig?

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