"I eat."

Translation:Jag äter.

November 18, 2014



Can someone explain swedish to me real quick thanks

June 1, 2015



October 2, 2015


•Most verbs end with an -a. •Verbs are not conjugated differently in one tense (so i/you/he/we/they are all the same conjugation). •Verbs can either be conjugated with addition of -r, removal of a and ad -er, or irregular (ex. Tala > talar, Heta > heter, Vara > är).
•There is only two genders of nouns (as opposed to most other languages) -- Neutral (ett) or Common Gender (en) -- commom gender is usually used for people/professions, as well as others •You pronounce all of the vowels with strong pronunciation (ex. Äpple = "a-p-leh"). •Letters such as "j" are not pronounced like in english, it is more of a "h"/"y"/silent Hope it helps :)

June 19, 2017


You're a sweetheart. :) Ty!

March 6, 2019


What do u mean wd that??

June 6, 2017


This website explains the grammer quite well: http://www.onlineswedish.com/main.php

October 6, 2017


"Jag" sounds a bit (just a little bit) like "yo" to me; both translate to "I".

March 14, 2015

[deactivated user]

    is there any way of getting the a with the umlaut with a keyboard (I am using a computer)

    November 20, 2014


    If you are normally using the US keyboard layout, just switch to US International without dead keys. The only difference to the normal US layout is that the Right Alt key becomes an AltGr key that can be used to type most European languages. It's convenient enough that many German software developers use it even for typing German. (The German layout makes [] and {} about as tricky to access as the German letters are with US International.)

    • AltGr + q = ä
    • AltGr + p = ö
    • AltGr + w = å

    The idea is that AltGr + base vowel = base vowel + standard rising accent. To get another adornment on the base vowel, you have to type a certain consonant close to the base vowel.

    November 22, 2014

    • 1199

    If you use Firefox you can install an add-on called "abcTajpu" (google it). It can be used for typing in any European language without installing a separate keyboard layout. (There are similar add-ons for different browsers I think, but this one is the most popular and easy to adjust)

    November 20, 2014

    [deactivated user]

      thanks for the help!

      November 21, 2014


      Hold down Alt, type 0228, release Alt.

      January 1, 2015


      i use 'ae' instead of 'ä' and it works

      December 15, 2014


      æ and ä are the same just from diffrent languaes

      April 30, 2016


      How is the sound of äter? The "ä" is like (eh) and the "r" is mute? Thanks.

      December 15, 2015


      Can someone follow me on twitch my twitch is fbg_thegamingbird

      May 7, 2019


      I always get ett and ater mixed up. >-<

      December 13, 2015


      I think for me it helps that 'äter' has 'ate' in it, past-tense eating. So I don't confuse the two since 'ett' doesn't sound like ate or eat or eating.

      March 17, 2016


      I understand the she is hon and he is hen yeah i think it is hen for he

      September 5, 2016


      'he' is han in Swedish.

      September 5, 2016


      So this sence means either i eat and i am eating?

      December 25, 2016


      Yes. It's the same thing in most languages of the world. English is special, possibly due to Celtic influence.

      December 25, 2016
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